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Movie About Female With Sex Doll – Petra


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About Her

For one, you have found the most qualified real sex doll supplier. We are doll experts from Hongkong, with over 7 years experience in trading sex dolls online. sndoll is one of our top online stores, and it is a place where you can find more than 4000 sex dolls, be it TPE, silicone, Curvy busty sex dolls, etc. All dolls manufactured by famous brand are high quality and are very realistic.

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Material TPE
Height 161cm
Bust Size 28F
Full Bust 83cm
Waist 50cm
Hip 89cm
Foot 21cm
Oral Depth 15cm
Vagina Depth 17cm
Anal Depth 17cm
Net Weight 35kg

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Steps for placing your order
Step 1: Select and personalize your sex doll on doll page, If any questions, You can make further inquiries here.

Step 2: Add to Cart and go to Checkout page, Fill your information and select payment method, place order

Step 3: Once we receive your order, we will arrange production Depending on the brand you choose, the creation of a sex doll takes 1-3 weeks.

Step 4: Verification Before we arrange the shipment, we will send you pictures of your sex doll for verification.

Step 5: Customs & Shipping After your doll ships, we send a tracking number to your email address within 1–2 days.
Free shipping:  25 -50 days
Fast shipping:   7 - 15 days

Step 6: Delivery and evaluation When you get your sex doll, you must treat it gently when using and handling it. Discover more here about cleaning and caring for sex dolls! As long as you let us know about any problems with your sex doll within 24 hours of getting it and it hasn't been used in any way, we may arrange for its return. Click here to view our return policy. Send us your reviews if you're happy with our service and products.
Is shipping free to my country?
We offer international standard free shipping on regular items; also we offer fast shipping for some countries. You will see shipping options at checkout page
Restricted Areas: All Islamic countries, South America (Mexico,Brazil, Peru, etc), India.

How long does shipping typically take?
- USA / Europe warehouse items:  It will take 3-7 days to your door, Please select our international warehouse based on your region.

- If shipping from manufacturer,
Your doll will be made in 1 to 3 business days after payment has been received, and it will take an additional 7 to 50 days to ship, You will see shipping options at checkout page

Where can i find my tracking number?
When your doll is prepared to ship, a tracking number is sent to you via email.
For your doll order, we accept the following forms of payment:
  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Digital Wallet
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How discreet will my package be?
At SnDoll, we prioritize protecting your privacy. We use solid, simple shipping boxes without any recognizable branding or labeling. You have nothing to worry about. Our discretion makes the content of your package unknown to anyone.

A plain cardboard box will be used to package the doll. The box has no label that might indicate what's inside. Who or what is within is unknown.
What will be the refund policy?
Depending on when you tell us of the cancellation from the time of purchase, the following cancellation and restocking fees could be charged:

Within 12 hours: Full refund
Within 24 hours: 70% refund
Within 48 hours: 20% refund

-We ask for your patience as we send your order slowly due to force majeure events like COVID-19, wars, earthquakes, etc.
-If you decide to cancel your order because of prolonged delivery times and the delivery time is prolonged (more than 30 days past the anticipated date) due to the forwarding company's error at work, the indemnity is shared by SnDoll and the forwarding company. The compensation ratio is typically 20% of the total amount.

Am I able to return the sex doll?
Please get in touch with us right away if your doll arrives damaged or with a quality problem. We accept returns or exchanges at no cost to you if the damage was the result of our fault.

Your complete satisfaction as a client is our top concern. We constantly monitor each and every step of the manufacturing and packaging processes to ensure that 99.9% of these dolls are flawless in every way. For additional details, see the shipping and returns policies.
What should come with your sex doll?
1 x Wig
1 x Comb
1 x Blanket
1 x Heator
1 x Vaginal Cleaning Instrument
1 x Sexy lingerie(randomly sent)

English User Manual will be sent by Email once we shipped your package product gift

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Doll Options

Safe medical material
All SnDoll sex dolls are produced with healthy and sustainable materials. All of our TPE sex dolls are constructed of TPE for medical use. There is less oil seepage, no strange odor, a soft and elastic skin texture that closely matches human skin, and safety for the human body. It is less expensive than silicone but less resilient and stain-resistant. For effective cleaning and maintenance, more care is needed. Our silicone dolls have a medium firmness. The heads of our dolls are delicate and feel like human heads. In order to replicate the genuine, silky feel of real skin, the doll's skin has been finely detailed, including blood vessels, wrinkled skin around the joints, and skin texture. Special treatments are used to make the vagina, buttocks, and breasts feel soft and cozy. It has undergone treatment to make it feel life-like, very light and comfortable. She is more expensive than TPE, but still worth every penny.

Oral, Vaginal, and Anus
Most of our sex dolls have mouths, anuses, and vaginas. Please keep in mind that a standard silicone head cannot be used for oral sex. To suit the needs and experiences of customers, every feature of the doll has been meticulously reconstructed to replicate the internal structure of human organs. She flawlessly matches the size of the customers' genitals, creating the impression that they are having sex with a real person.

Comparison of hollow vs solid vs Gel breasts
* Solid Breasts: These breasts are made of the same substance as the body. Although a little less flexible, the kneading comfort is stronger.
* Hollow Breasts: Some parts of these breasts are hollow. Such breasts are softer and more comfortable to touch. But because a portion of the breast is empty, the durability isn't really high.
* Gel Breasts: The breasts are injected with gel. Compared to solid breasts, gel breasts are softer. In comparison to a hollow chest, it feels softer and more robust. Note that solid breasts are the sole option for dolls with small breasts.

Standing vs non standing
By default, the love dolls that SnDoll sells are not able to stand. The doll can stand for a short period of time if its center of gravity is changed and it is supported by something. You risk damaging the legs or making the doll fall if you try to force the sex doll to stand. We do not encourage this conduct. Selecting the stand option from the customization choices is advised. On the soles of their feet, TPE love dolls often feature three metal bolts. Additionally, some silicone doll producers utilise tougher silicone for the feet to enable standing functions . Standing sex is not advised since even a love doll with a standing feature should not be used for extended periods of time (wear shoes while standing and pay attention to foot care).

Heating vs no heating
Sex dolls with a heating feature can simulate a real person's body temperature. Make sex more pleasurable for yourself. Through the heating wire incorporated into the body, the sex doll's heating function is accomplished. Every manufacturer has ineffective heating equipment just to be safe. As a result, the love doll typically takes 50 to 60 minutes or longer to reach a temperature that is comparable to that of a human.

Doll Care

How to Take Care of Sex Dolls
1.  To avoid ripping the skin, we advise using a "water-based lubricant" when entering the vaginal, anal, and oral canals. Obviously, using a condom is preferable.

2.  Avoid putting pressure on your love doll's hands or wrists if you prefer the doggy position. Protect her hand by placing pillows, a comforter, or other soft materials beneath her to support the torso of your sex doll.

3.  The realistic sex doll is flexible and can take a variety of poses thanks to her metal skeleton, which includes a number of fixed and adjustable joints. However, we advise against putting actual sex dolls in awkward positions; avoiding using sharp objects, fire, and hair dryers since they will injure the dolls' skin; and avoiding straining the dolls' limbs or applying excessive force on them because this could harm their sensitive skin and skeleton.

4.  All sex dolls need to be washed after having sex. You can wash her in the shower or with water, but be careful not to let her head or neck go under the water. You can gently wipe the face of your doll with a moist cloth and mild antibacterial soap if you want to clean it.

5.  Use the supplied brush to apply baby powder after her skin has dried naturally to keep it silky and soft.

Why Choose SnDoll?

Why buy from SnDoll?
High quality dolls
SnDoll is dedicated to giving you the most affordable adult sex dolls that are of the highest quality and authentic. Our lifelike sex dolls are all individually hand-sculpted and hand-molded with an unmatched level of realism. Our joint makers produce our dolls using medical-grade TPE/silicone material to ensure their lifespan and safety. With the flexible joints and fully hinged stainless steel skeleton, you can try any sex position, just like a real person.

TPE/Silicone Sex Dolls That Can Be Fully Customized
At SnDoll, you can customize the perfect sex doll to meet your wildest fantasies and imaginations. You can choose from a huge variety of designs at SnDoll, ranging from blonde, brunette, big butt, blue eyes, and much more. More customization options make it simpler to obtain your very own love doll, which you've always wanted but were unable to have in real life.

Best pricing
All SnDoll sex dolls are created and sent directly from our partner manufacturers, enabling us to provide you with the best sex dolls at the most affordable prices. Our goal is to help you have the sex experience you desire while making dolls affordable for everyone. Everyone deserves a great sexual life, and that's our main aim. Within 48 hours of your purchase on SnDoll, if you discover the exact same doll at a lower price from a different vendor, we'll refund you 100% of the price difference! Check out our best price guarantee right here.

Shipping is free worldwide.
The doll will be delivered to you in an anonymous package within 7 to 15 days, and we provide FREE shipping to all countries.

Completely discreet packaging
Our top goal is customer privacy, so we make sure your order and package are discreet. The box has no label that might indicate what's inside. If you'd like, we can also have the doll sent to a FedEx or UPS location so you can pick it up whenever it's convenient for you. (See here for more information on the shipping policy.)

Best customer service.
The best customer service can be found at SnDoll. We're here around-the-clock to assist with all your inquiries and address any problems you may have. Your satisfaction is what we want. Choose SnDoll, and you'll get top-notch customer service in addition to a premium sex doll.


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