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Elsababe Doll Beginner’s Guide

Elsababe Doll Beginner's Guide

About Elsababe Doll

ElsaBabe is a prominent Chinese brand recognized for manufacturing high-quality silicone dolls for intimate purposes. They are known for their expertise in creating Japanese and Asian-style sex dolls, catering to various racial preferences. Their product range includes dolls inspired by elves, furries, anime characters, and hentai themes. If you have an affinity for 3D animation, game design, and cosplay, ElsaBabe silicone sex dolls would be an ideal option for you.

ElsaBabe sex dolls often feature intricate facial traits, one of which is a pair of alluringly wide eyes that are designed to resemble those of a beautiful anime girl brought into the real world.

Elsababe Doll Options

Skin Color

guide elsababe skin

Body Type

Customizable Breast

The feature of ElsaBabe is that the breast size can be customized.

Other dolls maybe sell dolls of fixed height with fixed breast size, but buying Elsa Babe you can choose smaller or larger bust as you want.

Eyes and Lips Color

Different from other brands’ eyes, ElsaBabe dolls’ eyes are bright, shiny and coloful, it is specially designed to look like animated characters.

guide elsababe eye
guide elsababe lip

Body Movement

guide elsababe body
guide elsababe skeleton

Areola Color & Size

guide elsababe areola 1
guide elsababe areola 2

Unique Vagina Tunnel Texture

Another high light of ElsaBabe Doll is that there are 5 different types of vagina textures you can choose to customize. You can see from the picture, the vagina tunnel are made in the shape of tongus, breast and tentacle, which satisfy customers’ special needs and increase their pleasure in sex experience.

Closeup Pictures

guide elsababe closeup
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