XY Doll

XY Dolls – Incredible Hybrid Sex Dolls (Silicone Head & TPE Body)

XY Doll is an officially accredited sex doll manufacturer recognized by TDF. They have undergone thorough scrutiny and approval by the TDF moderators. XY Doll is an expert in crafting top-notch, ultra-realistic silicone heads that perfectly complement their soft and supple TPE bodies.

The name “Hybrid Dolls” is given to these dolls because they blend the best of two worlds. – a hyper-realistic silicone face and a super soft TPE body that feels amazing to the touch. Please note that XY silicone heads do not have the ability to move their mouths. They come with permanent make-up and include the option to choose a wig. If you prefer implanted hair, it is available as a paid upgrade.

XY Dolls also feature shrugging shoulders, a fixed vagina, and hollow breasts as standard features. As an authorized seller, we have access to the complete XY Doll catalog. If you can’t find your desired doll here, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team members, they will happily find the perfect doll for you

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