ElsaBabe Doll

Dedicated manufacturer with Japanese Anime Head Designs

ElsaBabe Doll, established in 2017, is a dedicated manufacturer focused on adult toys and solid silicone dolls. With their BJD series and anime-style silicone head sculpts, particularly inspired by Japanese makeup, ElsaBabe Doll brings a unique fusion of realistic facial features and anime character design. These dolls exhibit captivating traits such as big eyes, long eyelashes, and customizable nose and mouth options. Furthermore, they offer head carving styles featuring cat faces and elf ears, adding a touch of fantasy to their aesthetic.

Full Silicone Anime Sex Doll

ElsaBabe Doll stands out in the adult doll market as one of the few creators of full silicone dolls designed specifically for two-dimensional animation fans. Their mission is to bring the beautiful girls of Japanese animation into the real world. Through clay sculpture, meticulous three-dimensional modeling, intricate hair and clothing styling, and the art of Japanese makeup, ElsaBabe Doll ensures an authentic anime experience. The dolls are crafted using non-toxic and odorless platinum silicone, prioritizing your safety and delivering an immersive sexual experience.

Customize Any Size Chest for Your Doll

ElsaBabe Doll offers a remarkable feature that sets them apart—a wide range of chest sizes for their dolls. For the 148cm dolls, breast size options include S, M, and L, while the 150cm and 165cm dolls offer XL and XXL options. These dolls feature soft and stretchy breasts, complementing their seductive torsos.Every sex doll is not just a meticulously crafted doll but also a luxurious work of art, providing an array of breast sizes to enhance the realism and deliver an unparalleled sexual experience.

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