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Automatic Oral Sex Doll

Automatic Oral Sex Doll

If you wish to have a romantic woman or want to have a much more colorful sex life, this is the love doll for you. She is also perfect if what you want is a live doll that will assist you in having some self-help sex.

Where is the doll in question, you ask? She is here, the automatic oral sex doll, an option for moving dolls that will meet your requirements. This addition of movement is applicable to many doll types, including the torso love dolls, life-like love dolls, etc.

option moving auto blowjob

Video for Automatic Blowjob Sex Doll

Please see the below demo of the “Auto Blow Job Function”

The Speed of this love doll can easily be adjusted.

Two variants of this love doll are available for purchase:

1.   The rechargeable option (plug and play without an in-built battery)

*Power Adapter: The input voltage runs around 100 – 240V; the output voltage is about 24V/3A

*Certification Standard of the love doll: Power CE


2.   The Rechargeable Version (used after an in-built power supply is entirely charged.

*Battery Voltage: The working voltage of this version is about 22.2V, with a no-load voltage of 24V.

*The Charge and Discharge: between 280 – 300 weeks.

*Time Required for full charge: 1.5 hours (swift charging)

*Time of usage: Upon full charge, these love dolls can work unstopped for 5 hours.

Introducing to you our blowjob love dolls

The SnDoll Store builds automatic machinery into love dolls to ensure that they can perform all acts of oral sex. This is to allow you a joy, more direct, intense sexual pleasure.

Sex Dolls of this nature can be configured in two ways, and depending on what you need, you can select between the plug-in or rechargeable configurations.


For charging, plug in your love doll for upwards of 1.5 hours, after which you can take the charger out and use your love doll.

For Plug-in, simply plug the love doll in and play.

Once you have charged or plugged in your love doll, simply make use of the remote control to set yourself a speed, and your love doll will begin to give you oral sex. You are also free to make the love doll speed up and slow down as you wish. Clicking on the button labeled ‘D’ will stop the love doll from working.



  1. Ensure that the switch of the love doll is turned completely off when it is being adjusted, turned over, or shifted in position. Forcing a pose with the electricity connected is dangerous.
  2. After a couple of hours of continuous use, please let the love doll rest. The love doll will require at least 10 – 30 minutes of rest after every 2 hours of use.
  3. Your love doll is good to go for about 5 hours after a full charge.
  4. Please clean and powder your love doll after each use to prevent wear down.
  5. You cannot select multiple functions of the love doll at the same time.

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