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Freckled Sex Doll

Freckled Sex Doll

Do you wish for your girl to have that sun-kissed appearance with natural freckles? If yes, that can be offered; these love dolls have freckles that are concentrated on the areas affected most by the sun; the nose, forehead, and cheeks.

These freckles are just one of the hundreds of customization options available to select from when customizing your doll, and they are artfully applied by professional makeup artists in the factory.

Please note that freckles are semi-permanent; along with all forms of body painting, makeup, etc., they will all fade over time with consistent use and cleaning. Please note that mineral oil and makeup remover will take them off immediately, so keep them away from your love doll and only cleanse them with gentle TPE-friendly cleansers.

option freckles

Here are some examples of applicable freckles

kb freckles 1
kb freckles 2

Freckles add to the naturalism of your love doll, and no, they are not just for redheads. This is why we say that even if your doll is blonde or raven-haired, this extra beauty detailing is available for her. Freckles give the details of the love doll some realism, adding intensity to the visual rendering.

These spots are artfully placed with a brush within multiple layers of paint, and they can be more or less pronounced, more or less evident, etc. Whatever you want, be it small, delicate spots on the nose, or larger ones on the other areas, your wish is our eager command.

Freckles can be applied on many parts of your love doll’s body: the entire face or just the high points, above the hands, along with other body parts. The prices of this option vary by quotation, as the prices depend on the density and the number of areas it is being applied to.

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