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Sex Doll Breast Options

Sex Doll Breast Options

Choices for Sex Doll Breasts – Hollow, Gel, or Solid

Selecting what love dolls you should get can be quite an impossible task. At the moment, we offer over 4000 love dolls for you to make a selection from, and that is only the starting point. Once you have found the love doll that you wish to like, you will have multiple options to customize the doll and upgrade it. This article will assist you in making a clear decision on the breast type you want for your love doll.

In an attempt to make the sensation of touch as close to human skin as possible, the breasts of the love doll are always improving. There are three different ways to make the breasts of the love doll:

  1. Solid
  2. Hollow
  3. Gel
option breast solid
option breast hollow
option breast gel

Pros and Cons for Different Breast

Below is a description of each breast type, along with advantages and disadvantages.

Solid Breast

Solid breasts are quite easy to describe; they are completely TPE or Silicone based, depending on what material that your love doll is produced from. The dolls’ breasts possess a delightful blend of firmness and perkiness, maintaining a gentle softness and natural movement. This quality is in line with what one would anticipate from premium TPE and Silicone materials. You can freely select this option if you are not very selective about feel and want to save some money on an upgrade. This breast option will be life-like enough and will be as good as the upgrade for many sex doll users.

Hollow Breast

If you are one of the men that really enjoy a pair of bouncy breasts that retain maximum softness, this is the doll option for you; Hollow breasts are just as the name implies – they are hollow. Instead of being completely TPE or gel-filled, these are filled with air, which makes them quite soft and squishy. You will find it very easy to hold these breasts or watch them bounce as you go. They only cost a little more to upgrade from the standard breast, but for many love doll users, it is quite worth it.

Gel Breast

Gel breasts are the nicest option when on the topic of realistic doll breasts. They are far softer than the standard breasts, and they have more hold and perk to them than the hollow breast alternative. It is the perfect middle ground, as it mimics the movement and feel of actual breasts. The get is basically made to act and feel just like human fat, which is what makes it quite as realistic. Gel breasts are more than worth it if you wish for the most realistic breasts possible.

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