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Sex Doll Skeleton

Sex Doll Skeleton

When purchasing sex dolls, newcomers might find themselves perplexed by the choice between standard skeletons and EVO skeletons. We will provide a comprehensive explanation in this blog to clarify this matter. We will clarify the fundamental distinctions between the two skeleton types, aiding you in making a well-informed choice.

Typically, dolls are equipped with an internal skeleton that provides support, preventing them from twisting or collapsing. This skeleton plays a vital role in determining the doll’s durability and ability to bear weight. Moreover, the various designs of these skeletons dictate the range of movements the doll can perform. Refer to the image below to observe how the skeleton functions.

option fu skeleton new gear

We provide two types of skeletons with varying costs. The primary distinction lies in their functionality, where one type allows for shrugging movements while the other does not. Please find the detailed comparison below.

When attempting to move the doll, it is essential to be mindful of its movement limitations.

Standard Skeleton

  1. The standard skeleton lacks the capability for shoulder shrugging.
  2. With most standard skeletons, the range of movement is limited to forward and backward bending.
  3. The elbows and knees can achieve a slight bend of approximately 90 degrees with the standard skeleton.

EVO Skeleton

  1. The upgraded (EVO) skeleton allows your doll to perform shoulder shrugging, providing a more realistic and versatile range of poses.
  2. The enhanced flexibility of the spine enables left and right-leaning, making it ideal for creating intimate and passionate moments sought after by doll enthusiasts worldwide.
  3. The legs of the EVO skeleton can be bent into a W position or downwards, allowing them to touch the buttocks for added realism and intimate appeal.
kb skeleton 1
kb skeleton 2

When comparing the standard skeleton to the EVO, it becomes evident that the latter is a more sophisticated and advanced option. The EVO skeleton offers exceptional flexibility, enabling more lifelike and human-like posing suitable for various purposes, including modeling, photography, and sexual positions.Certain brands, such as WM, Piper, and Starpery, have elevated the Upgraded (EVO) Skeleton to a new level by integrating double-jointed arms and legs. This advancement empowers the dolls to execute maneuvers such as squatting, stretching, and kneeling, closely mimicking authentic human motions.

Generally, enhancing your doll’s skeleton entails an extra cost. If you have basic posture requirements without a need for extensive joint flexibility, the standard skeleton will adequately meet your needs. However, if you constantly seek greater flexibility and more natural movements in your dolls, then the EVO skeleton becomes the ideal choice for you.

Video for Sex Doll Skeleton Movement

Please see the below demo of body movement

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