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Sex Doll Realistic Body Painting

Sex Doll Realistic Body Painting

Very realistic vein paintings, the use of shadowing, and skin-like textures.

Like the rest of the love doll’s makeup, life-like body paint is semi-permanent. Avoiding mineral oils and makeup removers will help the effect last as long as possible. Only wash your doll with TPE-safe cleansers.

Some of our latest manufacturers are Irontech and WM Dolls, and we have added them to our catalog because they offered us the possibility of painting on veins, freckles, and beauty spots to increase the amount of visual similarity between the TPE dolls and actual humans.

1.   This realistic body painting incurs a fee (with a few exceptions)

2.    Each brand has its interpretation of realistic body paints.

option body painting

Close-Up Video for Realistic Body Painting


Pros and cons of realistic body paints

Although the body paints are not to everyone’s taste, they add an unmistakable touch of realism to these love dolls. These dolls are also unbelievably affordable.

Yet, it is important to note that the effects of the paints do not last forever, as the paint used in production is only semi-permanent. So if you often wash your love doll and use mineral oils, petroleum jelly/ makeup removers on the love doll’s body, the paint will disappear gradually.

Most Popular Sex Doll Brand

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WM Doll

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IronTech Doll

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Jinsan Doll

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Dolls Castle

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Qita Doll

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HR Doll

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6YE Doll

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Cos Doll

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Aibei Doll

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Fire Doll

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Jiusheng Doll

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AF Doll

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Jarliet Doll

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DH Doll

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FU Doll

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XY Doll

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