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Sex Doll Move Range

Sex Doll Move Range

The scope of the love dolls’ physical activity

These love dolls are created with silicone that simulates the human body, and thanks to the characteristics of the silicone itself, too much activity or grand movements may lead to a tear in the silicone. Please be careful during use.

Some of the activity limitations for the body parts of our love dolls are as shown below:

Head Movement

The head of the love doll is adjoined to its body by metal that serves as a connector, and thus, the love doll’s head can turn to the left and right with ease.

Although, since the love doll’s head is attached by the metal skeleton, head lifts and head bows (both forward and back) should not extend past 45 degrees, with the same extending to the head swaying to both sides.

kb move range 1

Shoulders and upper arms

The upper arms of your love doll can be moved forward as high as the chest, which is about exactly 60 degrees. They can bend backward slightly within a range of 5 – 10 degrees.

These bodies can be lifted to the two sides on the horizontal, only as high as the chest level (60 degrees). When the arms are folded within, also known as chest hugging, they should not go past the chest, about a 15-degree change.

These bodies can be lifted to the two sides on the horizontal, only as high as the chest level (60 degrees). When the arms are folded within, also known as chest hugging, they should not go past the chest, about a 15-degree change.

kb move range 4
kb move range 2
kb move range 3

Lower arms and wrists

The love doll’s lower arms can move in a single direction for about 90 degrees. Since there is a restriction set against displacement, the lower arms of the love doll can not bend or twist in the other directions, just like an actual woman’s bones.

The wrists of the love doll can bed upwards and downwards for 45 degrees each, while the lower arms can rotate with a 60-degree limit, very akin to an actual woman.

kb move range 7
kb move range 5
kb move range 6


The love doll’s waist can move to the left and right horizontally, within an angle limit of 30 degrees.

The angles for bending the waist forward and backward (bending the waist and thrusting the chest out) are restricted to 40 degrees; when the body moves left and right, the angles on each side are limited to 40 degrees.

When the waist is bent and moved simultaneously in many directions, the angles impose on each other and lead to a limit reduction by half. As an example, if you bend your love doll’s waist to the left side while simultaneously twisting it, the angle limits in all directions will be a maximum of 20 degrees.   

kb move range 8

Hips and Thighs

The love doll’s thighs can be separated into two sides, with a maximum of 130 degrees. For single legs, they can extend up to 100 degrees.

Please note that we do not recommend opening up the doll’s thighs too widely because it has a chance of producing too much pull on the doll’s silicone, which can cause damage.

The angle for safe leg opening recommended by the SnDoll Store is 50 degrees at most to either side and nothing over 15 degrees of the body’s sideward vertical lines. An individual foot should not be lifted past a 90-degree limit or bent backward past 15 degrees of the body’s vertical line.

kb move range 9
kb move range 10

Knees and Ankles

Lower legs can be bent to 120 degrees backward, although the recommended angle is 100 degrees. These parts have restrictors for their mechanical displacement and cannot be bent forward.

The love doll’s ankles can be moved 45 degrees either way. They also possess displacement restrictors and cannot be moved too much.

kb move range 11
kb move range 12

Doll Eyes

The eyes of the love doll are movable. The eyeball itself is fitted with spring structures, so if you wish to move your love doll’s line of sight, you should first open the eye, push back the eyeball, and then rotate it to a new angle.

Eye rotation angles do not go past 120 degrees. Please do not rotate your love doll’s eyes to odd angles.

kb move range 13
kb move range 14


Although the love dolls can move in large scopes, the angular limitations, as stated above, are the officially recommended activity restrictions. If the angles are exceeded, the silicone that exists in that area might tear, and repairs may become needed.

kb move range 15

For the love doll’s bones, we offer two kinds of joints; tight and loose.

Tight joints are fixable and can be posed. This type of bone structure can be trusted to hold a pose.

Loose joints are soft, with ease of movement, although they cannot keep a pose. For beginners, we recommend the soft joints.

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