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Sex Doll Piercing

Sex Doll Piercing

Why do sex doll piercings?

Piercing involves adorning different body parts with steel metal rings or small objects, providing individuals with the means to showcase their distinct styles and artistic preferences.. In real sex dolls, piercing can add an element of uncontrollable sexual desire, contributing to diverse expressions of beauty and sensuality.

TPE sex dolls boast real-touch skin that closely resembles human skin, making them ideal for piercing. Many doll enthusiasts opt for piercings like earrings, navel piercings, and even nipple piercings to enhance their dolls’ appearance. Just imagine your love doll adorned with a sexy navel piercing! It can undoubtedly add to the allure and excitement of the experience.

Without any delay, let’s begin exploring the art of sex doll piercings.

option piercing

Preparations for TPE Sex Doll Piercings:

For this process, you will need a small spike tool (such as a paper clip or long sewing needle) and a pair of earrings or other piercings of your choice.

Ensure that the width of your piercing needle matches the size of the earrings, or it should be slightly thinner for a proper fit.

kb piercing eyebrow corner

Eyebrow Corner

kb piercing ear


kb piercing nostril


kb piercing nipple


kb piercing lip


kb piercing belly


How to Pierce a Love Doll Step by Step

Step 1

Determine the exact location where you want the piercing to be. For instance, let’s consider the ear. Before piercing, make a small mark on the area to be pierced to ensure symmetry and precision.

Step 2

Gently unscrew the fixation balls from the earrings.

Step 3

Align the pointed end of the needle with the designated spot, and with a delicate yet steady hand, pierce the ear until the needle successfully passes through the chosen region. Once the needle is positioned within the hole, maintain its stability.

Step 4

Take the earring and position it against the end of the needle. Gradually insert the earring into the pierced hole while simultaneously removing the needle.

Important Note:

TPE, being a relatively dense and thick material, demands strict adherence to the aforementioned steps. Failing to do so might result in challenges when trying to locate the hole after withdrawing the needle. Achieving a successful piercing on TPE material requires precision and meticulous attention to detail.

Step 5

Once the earrings are in place, securely screw the fixation ball back on.

In order to accommodate our customers’ individual preferences, we provide an extensive selection of refined piercing choices. If you possess any particular requirements or desires, please feel free to reach out to us. Our team is committed to assisting you in every conceivable manner.

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