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Sex Doll Tongue

Sex Doll Tongue

Are you an unwavering doll enthusiast seeking heightened realism in your intimate experiences? Discover our sex doll models equipped with integrated and detachable tongues, meticulously crafted for an authentic oral sex encounter like never before.

The sex doll head features a removable tongue made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). This tongue is designed for easy insertion and removal, perfect for photographing without being permanently attached to the doll’s mouth.

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Option Buying Guide

You can choose below options at every doll page

option wm tongue

No Tongue, Textured

option tongue

Built-In, Fixed Tongue

option tongue removable

Removable Tongue

Introducing the Realistic Sex Doll Tongue for the WM Dolls!

Hello everyone! Quite a while has elapsed since we last brought you an update. We’ve been hard at work with our new store, and as you can see, we now offer more love doll-related items. We’re excited to announce that we’ll expand our collection with more silicone dolls soon.

One of the repetitive requests we received from many of you is for dolls with tongues. We understand the importance of this feature in enhancing your experience, especially for deep French kisses with the dolls.

We’re thrilled to share that WM Doll is now offering this new and improved feature. The tongue is incredibly lifelike, just like your own, and securely attached to the doll’s head to ensure durability. Be sure to check it out!

This groundbreaking advancement is only available through a limited number of authorized WM sellers, and we take pride in being among them at the sndoll Store.

Please take a look at the images below for a closer view.

"Tongue and Teeth Set" for WM Dolls & YL Dolls heads!

Enhance the appearance of your beloved doll with a variety of tongues and teeth, allowing her to express herself uniquely.

Please note that these sets are only fit for use with regular heads and not suitable for those with an enhanced mouth or implanted hair. If you’re not sure about your doll’s compatibility, feel free to contact us for assistance. Give your doll a fresh and distinctive look with this perfect set!

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