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Articulated Finger

Articulated Finger

Recently, Irontech has put out arms that have fully articulate arms and fingers as one of the options for their TPE and Silicone dolls. They now join the brands YL and WM as the third brand to offer the upgrade of fully articulate arms. As is evident, this upgrade of artificial arms is now a mainstream trend in the love doll industry, and the love doll community is very appreciative of this, as many of the patrons have a disdain for old, fragile fingers.

The advancement made by Irontech is quite similar to that of WM. The skeletal frame of the hand consists of hinged joints and has a white coating that serves as protection from damage. The finger skin will remain undamaged. Love dolls with articulate fingers can pose in a variety of realistic arm and finger positions with no worries about the wire going through the TPE.

option articulated fingers 1

Video for Articulated Finger

Please see the below demo of the “Articulated Finger Function”

This advancement took some time, but the love doll industry brings good news of advances in function in your love doll’s finger and arm skeleton. If this is the option you wish for, do not forget to add it to your order.

Have you had the unfortunate experience of your love doll’s fingers being poked through by the inner metal wires? Do you want a love doll that is more dexterous? If yes, the new articulated fingers upgrade is the right move for you.

We are thrilled to inform you that the factory of WM Dolls has begun providing their full-size love dolls with the upgrade – a newly developed skeleton.

This new upgrade is very carefully designed with the sturdiest metal joints and rounded tips, so the finger skin is protected from finger punctures. Better still, these articulated fingers enable the love dolls to mimic quite an impressive range of gestures that the former version of fingers could not attain. For the entire community of Love doll users, this is one of the most intriguing upgrades.

The video below should illustrate how the upgrade of articulated fingers might suit all of your needs.

Please note that

  1. At the moment, both WM and YL Dolls offer this upgrade.
  2. This particular add-on is only available for life-size love dolls that are over 140cm tall.
  3. It is incompatible with older WM dolls.
  4. It is made with metal instead of copper wires.
  5. The fingers that are articulated should not be tangled.
  6. The range of finger movement is almost similar to that of the older hand versions.
  7. These new fingers permit upward and downward motion, along with internal and external forearm movements.
  8. The hand movement range is 95% similar to that of a human hand.

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