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Sex Doll Storage Environment

Sex Doll Storage Environment

In order to ensure that the love dolls are protected and can be used for a long time, some things are needed for storage space. A good storage environment for your love doll can keep the silicone skin from aging, as well as the internal parts, extending the love doll’s longevity significantly.

It is very important that you powder your love doll and keep her powdered. It serves as protection from oil and dust. After the use of your love doll, you should return her to the position she was given by the factory. It remains the best way to protect her skin.

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What are the requirements of a long-time storage point?

  1. Prevent long-term sun exposure

Do not directly sunbathe your love doll because, after long-term exposure, your doll’s skin will fade slightly.

  1. Prevent the sticking of dust

You should avoid dust because the love doll is sticky and has static electricity, so the dust might stick to the love doll a little too well. Avoid dust to avoid the inconvenience of cleaning.

  1. Avoid dampness around the love doll.

The love doll has a spongy interior that is absorbent, so moist surfaces and environments should be completely avoided. Feel free to bathe your love doll or gently wipe it with water, but avoid prolonged immersion to prevent potential damage. Do not pour water into your love doll’s neck where there is metal.

Once water gets in, it will be quite hard to dry.

  1. Prevent surface staining

Do not place your love doll onto artificial leather or colored leather fabrics for long. This is because the oil-soluble colors might end up seeping into the silicone skin of the love doll.

Once the silicone has been applied to objects of this nature for over 2 hours, a lot of color change and transference will occur. The resultant color will be hard to erase.

  1. Pay attention to the temperature

Points that are too high or too low when compared with room temperature should be avoided. Silicone can’t be placed in temperatures that are too high or too low. Keep the temperature between 5 – 35 degrees Celsius or 40 – 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the winter, electric blankets can be used to warm the doll – at moderate temperatures.

  1. Keep your love doll from being squeezed

Ensure that where she is stored is not compressing her. Long-term compression will disfigure the silicone and internal sponge. Don’t place heavy objects on your love doll. Avoid squeezing parts of the doll’s body for long periods of time.

  1. Do not apply external force on the love doll.

Do not fold the love doll, as bending or squeezing the love doll for extended periods of time will lead to cracks and dents in the silicone.

  1. This is not for children

This is not a toy for young children, so please do not place the doll in places they can access. Please prevent children from coming into contact with the love doll.


For the display of the love doll and long-term storage, we have a few options for you to make a selection.

We offer a doll stand for the display of the love doll. It can also hold the love doll in place for a standing pose.

We also offer doll hooks. These doll hooks are a great storage option and can be a surface over which the love doll can hang safely for storage over extended periods of time.

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