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Electric Hips Sex Doll

Electric Hips Sex Doll

If you wish to have a sexy woman or wish to have a much more colorful sex life, this is the love doll for you. She is also perfect if you want an alive doll that will assist you in having some self-help sex.

Where is the doll in question, you ask? She is here, the electric hips doll, an option of moving dolls that will meet all of your requirements. This addition of movement is only applicable to full-size love dolls. If you are interested in that collection, please make use of the link below.

option moving electric hip

Video for Electric Hip Sex Doll

Please see the below demo of the “Electric Hips Function”

1.   The rechargeable option (plug and play without an in-built battery)

*Power Adapter: The input voltage runs around 100 – 240V; the output voltage is about 24V/3A

*Certification Standard of the love doll: Power CE

2.   The Rechargeable Version (use after an in-built power supply is entirely charged.

*Battery Voltage: The working voltage of this version is about 22.2V, with a no-load voltage of 24V.

*The Charge and Discharge: between 280 – 300 weeks.

*Time Required for full charge: 1.5 hours (swift charging)

*Time of usage: Upon full charge, these love dolls can work unstopped for 5 hours.

Please take note that: the electric hips love doll must be made use of upon a soft bed/surface to ensure that sharp, hard objects do not make contact with the epidermis. Ensure that you make changes to the doll’s posture before you begin use. Forcefully adjusting during intercourse or interaction has the capacity to damage the love doll. Turn it off or break it off from power when adjusting it or propping it into a pose. For interactions that will extend over 2 hours, please allow intermittent breaks that range from 10-30 minutes.

In the case of rechargeable love dolls, charge them after 3-4 hours of constant use to avoid reducing battery quality. Also, ensure that the contact areas are cleaned and powdered, and maintain the love doll’s entire body after every single interaction. The SnDoll Store will not be held responsible for any puncture in the doll’s skin or damages that occur as a result of incorrect use. The product has a driving voltage that adopts a 24V one, which complies completely with the global safety standard for driving voltages.

At this time, the product does not have an adjustable speed.

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