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If you want to buy a 100cm mini love doll but you’re a bit concerned about the high price, Buy Full silicone mini sex dolls from SnDoll without hesitation or even a doubt. We make affordable tiny sex dolls for sale to everyone. You will have a hard time finding competitors for our 100 cm sex doll when compared to prices elsewhere. Our small sex dolls are very cheap, less expensive and fun. We hope that more people will enjoy our mini sex dolls and will be able to afford them. We specialize in 100cm and smaller sex dolls, and we have a large selection of in-stock 100cm real sex dolls that are shipped from the United States and Europe.

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FAQs About Mini Sex Dolls

When mini sex dolls first appeared on the market, some were concerned that they were linked to child sexual assault. Because they have lovely little faces, some people believe that miniature sex dolls are created to emulate children. Furthermore, the height of small sex dolls ranges from 100 cm to 140 cm, making it difficult not to think of children. The purchase and use of small love dolls has become controversial in recent years due to child sexual assault. In reality, the teen sex doll may have significantly reduced the frequency of child sexual assault.


Some nations, such as Singapore, prohibit the importation of sex dolls shorter than 140 cm (the internationally recognized child sex doll does not exceed 140 cm), although other countries do not. According to our many years of sales expertise, small sexdolls can be safely transported to the United States, Canada, and European countries, among other countries, without any legal difficulties.

–  Budget-Friendly

They are smaller than full size sex dolls and hence use less TPE. Furthermore, practically all miniature sex dolls are manufactured in China, resulting in lower raw material and manufacturing costs. Finally, these dolls are lighter in weight, which reduces the cost of transportation. If you’re on a tight budget, a little sex doll is a great option.


–  It is lighter

The little love doll is under 140 cm tall and weighs less than one of those full sized sex dolls. As a result, when you get the package, you may effortlessly take her home. It’s very simple to move around with her while having sex. You also won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning it up after sex.


“I can’t move my full size sex doll when I want to change the sex position,” some of my clients recently complained to me. He was dissatisfied and even abandoned his desire to have sex with her. “Why not try a tiny sex doll?” I said. I know he will have a wonderful time now that he has purchased one.


–  Beautiful appearance

They are popular because they are attractive due to their modest size. Their little heads, delicate skin, and large eyes are quite endearing! For those who have lost their children, even purchasing an adolescent sex doll might provide spiritual comfort.


–  Easy to store and hide

Miniature sex dolls are small and difficult to detect. If you’re concerned about privacy breaches, the space is small and tough to store, or you don’t want others to know what you’re up to, this is the place for you. Then a mini sex doll is the perfect option for you. You can also hide her anywhere if you live with others and don’t want anyone to know you have a miniature sex doll.

TPE or silicone, the same materials used in the production of real-size dolls, are used to make small lovedolls. Only a few high-priced little love dolls are made of silicone material at SnDoll.


What is the difference between TPE and silicone, which are both often used in the production of dolls?


To begin with, little silicone sex dolls are more heat sensitive than cheap TPE sex dolls. TPE can lose its consistency or melt when temperatures exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius), but silicone is less heat sensitive.


TPE is also softer, more elastic, and more lifelike than silicone, which seems more solid and hard to the touch.


Finally, because TPE is a porous substance, it is more vulnerable to stains from clothing.


Silicone is non-porous, which means it won’t stain your clothes and is easier to clean.

In fact, the vast majority of people have never used sex dolls, and some have never had any sex at all. You can start with a small sex doll if you belong to one of these groups.


Sex doll minis have realistic skin, adorable faces, delicate bodies, and all the necessary sex holes (mouth, anus, vagina). To put it another way, small sex dolls have all of the characteristics of real women, and you can enjoy sex with them as much as you want.


We now have a wide selection of mini sex dolls available for purchase at an affordable price.


The best part is that the mini sex doll can be partially customized, allowing you to personalize your mini fuck dolls.

There are a variety of reasons to purchase mini sex dolls. Many people are drawn to it because of its adorable appearance. Consider how wonderful it would be to have a small teen sex doll at home! It’s difficult to explain why people adore them so much. Is it because of the petite frame, the innocent demeanor, or the low cost? Nobody is aware.


As demand grew, manufacturers began mass-producing small sexdolls. Some manufacturers even created little love dolls modeled on the modern goddess of love for sale, allowing a wider audience to experience them.


A teenage sex doll’s height and weight range from 60 cm to 140 cm and 5 kg to 20 kg, respectively. The idea of owning a small and attractive sex doll is gaining traction.

Have you made up your mind about purchasing your first mini sex doll? Don’t be hesitant; purchasing a small sex doll is the best sex investment you can make. Sex dolls are not only sexually stimulating, but they are also trustworthy. You must now learn how to use your sex doll in the proper way.


–  Put together your sex doll.

–  Place the sex doll package in an open area of the room and carefully open it with a pocket knife.

– Remove the sex doll’s head with care. Remove the accessories from the package.

– Remove the sex doll’s body from the box.

– Attach the head to the body. (If you have any issues with installation, please contact us or view the YouTube video.)

– Begin by clothing your small lover.

– You should clean your sex doll before you begin. Our blog has further information on how to clean a sex doll.

– Now you can start having sex with your adorable sex doll.


Start with foreplay. Kiss and caress your doll. Feel free to do all of these. Because we utilize only high-quality materials in our sex dolls. As a result, the love doll is both safe and comfortable to touch.

Begin vaginal sex. The vaginal openings and interiors of all SnDoll love dolls are extremely lifelike, so you’ll feel that natural feeling.

Anal sex should be tight. Are you a fan of anal sex? The anus of your mini love doll is tight and lifelike. Without hesitation, you can penetrate her.

Have you ever experimented with oral sex that isn’t dry? That’s right, even the tiniest sex doll’s mouth can be penetrated in SnDoll. As if you were in a pornographic video, begin your oral sex.


Experiment with different sex positions. Flexible metal skeletons are constructed into these small sex toys. As a result, you’ll be able to experience a variety of sex positions. She’s also light. Trying several positions makes your sexual experience more interesting. You can try all the styles with your sex doll.

Useful hints for using a mini sex doll

There is no self-lubricating mechanism on the mini sex doll. As a result, lubricating oil for the body is required.

Your miniature love doll is completely watertight. As a result, having sex in the water would be a wonderful experience.

Experiment with different sex positions. She is very light, so you can easily move her around and also place her in different positions.

Watch sexual videos to see different adventures to try during sex. Your sex life will be more enjoyable with this small sex doll.

Before and after each usage, thoroughly clean your mini sex doll. When it’s clean, you can store or hide it in your preferred location. No need to worry; it is small enough to fit into any preferred space.

Take a vacation with your mini sex doll. These adorable sex dolls are lightweight and convenient to travel with.


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