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Brand Authorization Certificates

Brand Authorization Certificates is a legitimate online retailer and distributor. We only sell genuine dolls; we don’t sell imitations.

Some website owners refer to themselves as “sex doll experts” and wrote some “reviews”. In the last two years, those bloggers have never stopped smearing We always ignored, and we are responding for the first time. We were really surprised and upset to see how they influenced people’s opinions in just a few months. They should stop the attack on and use the opportunity to advertise their personal site when doll buyers ask if is real! Commercial competition should be healthy, instead of using the sex doll experts title to deceive the public for their own gain.

We have partnered with major sex doll manufacturers to provide all sex doll lovers with a magnificent experience on our site. We don’t need to put the relationship between and brands like WM/SE/YL Doll on the line. We receive enough orders and sales, we don’t have to sell fakes to get money to boost our company. The stories on the Internet aren’t true. SnDoll’s vision of selling original products will never change. We also know that no brans will last if it sells fakes.

We don’t talk bad about other brands to promote our brand, we respect all our competitors and we compete fairly.

SnDoll has two websites ONLY for different markets: These two are legal and official.

For long, SnDoll’s logo, doll images, website content and page layout have been copied. Some websites even created domain names like, and advertised on Facebook, AliExpress, and eBay. They mimic SnDoll to attract buyers, and may even sell at very cheap rates. SnDoll wasn’t able to track and caution them in time. As a result, you may find several websites that are similar to To ensure your money is safe, make sure you place your order and make payments on a legit website. There are many ways you can verify whether a SnDoll site is legit. One of such ways is to look out for the certifications and authorizations that are displayed on the legit website.

Absolutely! All of the reviews on the site are from real people who bought our dolls. As an online business, we regard customer reviews as important because they provide great feedback and suggestions that enables us understand our customers’ opinions about our goods and services. We always respond to customers’ feedbacks, using their suggestions to enhance our goods and services. Still, we obey relevant regulations, and protect customer privacy and information from becoming disclosed. So we no longer display the customer names, we just show the reviews. So if you ever feel like dropping a review but scared of revealing your identity you’ve nothing to worry about, your name won’t be displayed and your feedback will be taken seriously.

  1. Which website did you purchase from? What brand is it? what is the order number?
  2. Verify whether the accessories that come with the doll are the same with those displayed in the official photos.
  3. Send an email to the company to make sure they got the order. This way, you can know if the brand is aware of your love doll purchase.
  4. If you confirm that your love doll is a fake, visit the online store you bought it to seek a refund.

There are 40 brands mentioned on our website, and we are their authorized retailer. However, some companies don’t offer authorization certificates now. But after placing an order, you can contact them to verify the order number and delivery progress to ensure that your adult doll is produced by the real factory.

Most packaged adult dolls from our online store comes with the brand’s official accessories or anti-fake codes. If you cannot verify whether the love doll you bought is authentic, you can email the brand to request a verification, with order information, and photos, etc.

  1. We use a reliable and secure payment channel that is authenticatdd by PCI DSS. It will make sure that all transaction details are encoded and protected from unauthorized access.
  2. SSL certificate is used to encrypt the data transferred between the website’s server and your device browser. Fortunately, has an original SSL certificate. Your basic and financial details are protected.
  3. We consider data privacy serious and will protect your personal details.
  1. We guarantee that the love doll is real and is from the original brand. NO FAKES HERE!
  2. After you receive the doll, if you have any problem with the product quality, contact us.
  3. Ensure you pay by PayPal whenever you can, as it insures buyers rights.

Brand Certificates & Authenticity

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