Curvy Sexdoll

A great way to start explaining curvy sexdoll

To make sure we are seeing eye to eye here. There is a possibility you have come across the name sex doll somewhere. It is preferred to mean an curvy toy or device that is used mainly for sexual pleasure. They are usually made from soft materials like TPE and are mainly set to mimic human individuals like women for example. For some, it’s not a sex toy at all but more on that later. Sex dolls are also referred to as love dolls, real dolls, silicone sex dolls, silicone lovers, companions and real-life sex doll.

How is a curvy sex doll made?

This might not seem important, but we believe it is good to have a basic understanding of the process so you are better informed if you choose to buy a sex doll one day. Making a good quality curvy love doll from start to finish is a complex process and perfection is required. Without going into too much detail, here is a simplified overview of the process:

First, an artist or sculptor sculpts a full-size model of the doll’s body using clay.
The artist‘s work can take months to perfect, working from photographs and sketches to help create and design the perfect model. This model is made from clay and perfected by hand slowly but surely. Then, later this clay model is used to set a fiberglass mould as a template. This perfect mould is now used to cast more dolls as a negative.

Liquid TPE or silicone is poured into the mould around a jointed metal skeleton and left to set. After this process is done, the negative is set aside as the rest of the polishing up work is now done by hand. That is what is known as hand made. The skin is perfected to smoothness and details are put in place according t o the order specifications. The heads are made in a similar way, but they are made in a different mould to the body (with the exception of sndoll)

Wanting to know the level of customization one can have on a sex doll

Well, it’s good to understand that the curvy sexdolls come from pre-made molds. Different molds produce different outputs when casting the bodies of these sex dolls. These molds produce different body shapes and sizes to work on. Once a mould has been made, the molds themselves cannot be adjusted. Hence, in order to change any physical attribute of a doll, you first need to change the mold itself. And, trust us this process is not a smooth sail on the water. So when selecting a body, it’s good to be aware that the body shape is fixed and cannot be altered.

All the finishing touches on the sex dolls are made by hand and these are finished to order, meaning you can order what the finishing on the doll looks like. Even“pre-configured” dolls are made to order. The so called pre-configured sex dolls are just hand crafted dolls that are made with a lay out of configuration of options. The finishing part of the curvy love dolls are made in the hand finish manner as custom one are done.We will discuss more about custom dolls later on.

dolls don’t live on a shelf in a magical land far away, they get hand made as and when an order is received.

They are time-intensive to make and most people these days want to customize them in their own personal way so it’s not financially viable for most smaller resellers as we are to have ready made dolls lying around in large numbers. These dolls being made on order, actually save us money and ensure you get a quality doll with every purchase.

Can I custom a curvy sex doll?

Yes, you can! You can pick and choose from all the individual components that make up a whole doll to make your personalized custom love doll configuration in our full collection of sex dolls. Some of the components that are easily customized include the head with all the features of the face. Also the limbs can be made to fit what you prefer, from skinny bodied limbs or a thick girls for more comfort. The skin color is also something you can get to custom design. These are just but a few of the details that are available for customization on our sex dolls.

There is also the possibility to choose hand finished details like the colour and paint work. Here you can chose to have your sndoll with freckles or without them. In some high end dolls, you can chose the possibility of having heating elements placed inside the doll to enhance the body heat or have the doll come with the ability to have sound simulations.

For now, we just want to give you an idea of what is possible and to explain that you really can fully customize sex dolls quite extensively.

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