HR Doll

Researching, developing, producing Full Body TPE Sex Dolls

HR Doll, a Chinese manufacturer, specializes in researching, developing, producing, and selling Full Body TPE Sex Dolls. They offer a wide selection of sex dolls, including Asian, Caucasian, Black, and Male dolls, all made with high-quality TPE. HR Doll prioritizes using odorless TPE or Silicone Heads with TPE Bodies, ensuring that their products meet international health standards with top medical-grade, non-toxic, and eco-friendly materials.

Each doll undergoes a thorough quality control process to guarantee HR Dolls’ manufacturing standards. When you purchase a doll from HR Doll, you can be confident in its quality. Their sex dolls feature a fully articulated metal steel frame and lifelike skin, resembling a real lady’s.

HR Adult Products Co., LTD, the parent company, operates a dedicated manufacturing plant with a diligent group of staffs. They focus on producing odorless TPE sex dolls and adhere to the highest medical-grade, non-toxic, and eco-friendly material standards. Every month, they introduce new private models, and they offer ODM/OEM services. HR Doll warmly welcomes visitors to their factory for discussions on long-term business cooperation, believing that their commitment to excellent service, reasonable prices, and high-quality products will attract and retain customers.

Highlighted Features of HR Doll Love Dolls:

  1. Gel Breasts: The gel breasts, also known as jelly breasts, provide a softer feel that closely mimics the movement and texture of real breasts. The gel is designed to replicate the behavior and sensation of human fat, resulting in a highly realistic experience.

  2. Double Knee Joints: The dolls with double knee joints can perform squats, and some manufacturers refer to this feature as the EVO skeleton. This enhances the flexibility and range of poses the doll can achieve.

  3. Shrugging Shoulders: Dolls with shrugging shoulders feature more flexible joints, allowing for postures that closely resemble human movements, making the dolls even more lifelike.

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