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Dress Up Sex Doll

Dress Up Sex Doll

Points to consider when dressing your love doll

The arms and legs of the love doll are mobile, but they are limited in range. When dressing your love doll, the following points should be taken into consideration to maintain the silicone skin:

  1. Utilize talcum powder or baby powder to mitigate the stickiness of your affectionate doll.

Silicone surfaces tend to be adhesive, and applying powder helps to manage this issue. It’s advisable to powder the love doll before adorning it with clothing. In case static electricity builds up on the doll’s surface, you can opt for a static electricity spray, but exercise caution not to overapply.

  1. Exercise care to prevent excessive bending of the love doll’s limbs.

While dressing the doll, refrain from extending its arms beyond its natural range of motion, as this might lead to skin damage. Be sure to adhere to the instructions provided in the Physical Activity notice to ensure proper handling.

  1. Remove the doll’s head before putting on coats or tight clothing

When you are putting clothing onto your love doll, take note of the fit. If it is too tight or inconvenient to dress the doll at that moment, it is important to remove the doll’s head.

  1. Powder the love doll before putting on tight pants

Silicone has a lot of friction and may make things hard when you are trying to put on trousers or socks.

  1. Beware of scratches

Please ensure that the love doll is not wearing clothing or clothing accessories with pointy edges, which may cut the silicone skin. If the clothing in question has sharp buttons, chains, and ornaments, please be careful when dressing the love doll.

  1. Ear/Navel Piercings

When dressing the love doll in earrings and other jewelry/accessories, you can make use of thin wire or needles to create the holes for the jewelry, although the diameter of the holes in question must not be beyond 0.5mm. You cannot use knives or blades to cut. Once the earrings have been put on, they are not to be pulled away to prevent tears and ruptures in the silicone.

  1. Fit of clothing

Avoid dressing your love doll in clothing that is too tight because long-term pressure can cause ruptures or breaks in the silicone. If the clothing is not fit, please avoid forcing it on. Look into getting special clothing for dolls.

  1. Prevent Staining

Many clothing articles are made with artificial leather or stained clothing, whose colors may stain into the silicone after extended contact, coloring the skin of the love doll.

Please avoid this specific kind of clothing to avoid this staining.

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