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Zelex Doll Beginner’s Guide

Zelex Doll Beginner's Guide

About Zelex Doll

Zelex Doll is among the top full-size silicone love doll makers. Our Zelex love doll collection consists of complete sex dolls in every shape, size, and style that you can imagine. The superb design and innovative body detailing are truly amazing! You’ll feel an amazing lifelike pleasure.

Zelex Doll is well-known for its exceptional ability to replicate human features in its high-quality silicone love dolls. Zelex Doll creates stunning and unique sex dolls by putting an emphasis on creativity and beauty. Our large collection consists of full-body sex dolls in different shapes, sizes, and styles, to satisfy all clients. The remarkable design and innovative body detailing of our dolls are truly captivating. Enjoy utmost realism and the best pleasure with a Zelex love doll, as it gives you an awesome human-like feel.

ZELEX New Inspiration Series

Zelex latest Inspiration Series has the flawless makeup and body structure of ZELEX’s old products, but also has new features from upgrades and customers’ opinions, including a real mouth and movable jaw. This brand has combined 3D scanning and 3D printing to build softer breasts and malleable buttocks like that of actual humans. Simultaneously, they added a vagina with removable labia. Furthermore, to make the adult doll more durable, ZELEX developed a color sealing procedure to emsure the makeup of the doll’s head and body is more permanent.

guide zelex inspriation 1

Inspiration Series Collection

  • Gel Butt is only compatible with 170cm, 165cm, and X165cm Silicone doll bodies.
  • Movable Jaw is only compatible with GE07, GE45, GE53, GE94, GE96, and GE97 soft Silicone doll heads.
Zelex Doll Options

Body Type

At we offer seven of the hottest Zelex silicone bodies: A-cup (145cm, 147cm, 151cm), B-cup (130cm), C-cup (155cm, 170cm), E-cup (167cm, 175cm), and F-cup (165cm, 172cm), H-cup (143cm).

Now, lets see the specifications for each silicone body type.

Hard Head & Soft Head

Soft Head v.s Hard Head

The soft doll head has an 8cm to 10cm opening for oral sex. The manufacturers have made it really deep, so it can be suitable for everyone regardless of penis size. The soft skin makes the doll’s lips feel better during kissing.

1) The hard head can only get hair implants or eyebrow implants.

2) The makeup on the soft doll head is doesn’t last long.

We possess all Zelex adult dolls, so if you can’t find your preference on our website, contact our support and we’ll find your dream sex doll. If we don’t have the doll you want, we can easily help you to customize your dream doll.

Usually, Zelex will provide you with 2 silicone heads: hard and soft. For instance, if you choose a hard head, you’ll get the soft equivalent of the head. And if you choose a soft head, you’ll get a hard head as an extra feature.

Hair Transplant

Implanted hair is only available on hard silicone. If you want a soft silicone head, choose a wig.

Do you like a soft silicone doll head? If yes, it’s important to note that implanted hair is not available for soft silicone sex doll head. However you can select a wig instead. Fortunately, wigs allow you to customize your doll’s hairstyles.

Articulated Fingers

Every Zelex silicone doll can have the new articulated fingers feature.

If you have a problem with your finger bones showing through your skin, hard hands are the answer. We have changed the default for all ZELEX sex dolls to have hard hands.

Realistic Body Makeup

Realistic body details that’s rare

that’s how ZELEX designs a super human-like experience for users.

But it doesn’t stop there. Even the body make-up looks realistic and is almost permanent.

guide zelex freckle
guide zelex tan lines

Metal Skeleton

guide zelex skeleton 1
guide zelex move range

Gel Breast

For the ultimate pleasure, how does ZELEX soften the breasts? The ability to precisely manipulate the gel breast is a product of 3D printing technology.

Moaning System

Newest EXP Skeleton

The waist, elbow, shoulder, and neck of Zelex dolls have been improved to give your doll a more realistic posture. Learn more about the recent changes made to the EXP skeleton by clicking here.

We introduce the newest EXP Skeleton upgrade, crafted to improve the mobility and posture of realistic Zelex dolls. With upgraded features in the neck, shoulder, elbow, and waist areas, our dolls can now achieve even more natural and lifelike poses. More information regarding the ZELEX girls’ new EXP skeleton can be found by clicking here.

guide zelex exp skeleton 1
guide zelex exp skeleton 2
guide zelex exp skeleton 3
guide zelex exp skeleton 4

Auto Vagina Sucking & Clamping

Auto-Sucking Vagina

The updated auto-sucking feature uses an external module to charge and run the auto-sucking system. This makes it less likely that the doll’s body will get damaged. More details loading here…

It’s now available for full-body silicone love dolls bodies with a height of 5ft5, 5ft7, and 5ft9.

The new auto-sucking function is available on our X165cm (5ft5), 170cm (5ft7), and 175cm (5ft9) full silicone bodies.  This upgraded functionality incorporates an external module for charging and controlling the auto-sucking system. By utilizing this external module, we have minimized the risk of damage to the doll’s body. Stay tuned for more details, coming soon!

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