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WM Doll Beginner’s Guide

WM Doll Beginner's Guide

About WM Doll

The best brand of premium TPE real sex dolls is WM Dolls, which has a wide range of bodies and heads. SnDoll is one of the best places to buy WM Dolls around the world. Are you looking for WM dolls that we don’t already have? Get in touch with our customer representative and we’ll get to you right away. is where you can buy a beautiful WM love doll.

A WM Doll instruction manual comes with every genuine WM Doll package. Scratch off the coating on the last page, and you will see the anti-counterfeiting code. If you put the anti-fake code into the WM Doll verification system, the result will tell you if your doll is authentic or not. When  the code is confirmed to be valid, your adult doll is authentic. But if you put in a code and the system doesn’t recognise it, it means your doll is fake. If that happens, you can take the sex doll back to the online store where you bought it and ask for your money back.


Auto Blowjob Sucker

WM Doll launched their own type of the suck & clamp vagina in 2023, it is known as “Blowjob Sucker”. The charging outlet is located under the arm, It takes about 2-3 hours to charge fully.


  • This option is not compatible with the Body Heating System, Removable Vagina & Lubricant-free option.
  • Usually, its not advised to include the auto-sucking feature for dolls that are smaller than 160cm and have a small body size. However, if you are interested in incorporating this function for your WM doll, we encourage you to reach out to our customer service for further assistance and consultation.
Latest ROS Function
guide wm ros 1

Realistic Oral Sex (ROS)

The ROS Mouth is an opening that has been created to ensure oral activities. It incorporates a movable jaw, a simulated tongue, and soft simulated teeth, creating a more realistic experience compared to previous mouth designs without a tongue.

Presently, the ROS feature is only available on certain types of doll heads types. It’s important to know that WM Dolls is continuously developing new heads with the ROS feature, and the list of suitable head types will always be updated.

Ball Jointed Hand Skeleton V3.0

The ball-jointed hand skeleton is WM’s newest set of movable hands. Unlike most hand skeletons on the market, which are made of twisted copper wires and are easy to break, it can recover the shape of human fingers. The new hand structure is completely close to the human hand and can swings just like a real hand. No more phalanges penetrating the skin!

WM Doll Options

Breast Type

WM Doll presently sells dolls with gel breasts, hollow breasts, or solid breasts for their female dolls.

Among these options, gel breasts provide a superior jiggle compared to hollow and solid breasts. That’s because it is filled with extra soft gel, giving it a real appearance and feel. When deciding on the ideal breast type for you there are some tips to keep in mind. Big breasts aren’t compatible with gel-filled or solid breasts, as it may cause tear. In addition, jelly breasts burst during transportation.

Furthermore, if you want a heating option  doll, don’t choose gel-filled breasts. That’s because the gel breasts may burst due to heat.

Upgraded EVO Skeleton

The EVO skeleton refers to a reinforced metal skeleton that features enhanced movable shoulders. It allows for various poses and positions, giving the beautiful model a versatile and dynamic appearance. Just imagine all the incredible yoga poses you can explore with such flexibility and freedom.

However, know that choosing a heating option or breathing feature for your WM/YL Doll, the skeleton upgrade will be unavailable. This is due to the special design and compatibility when installing heating or breathing systems into the doll’s structure.

Tongue & Teeth Inserts

The teeth and tongue set enhances the realism of your love doll’s appearance. Instead of sealed lips, your doll will have a set of teeth and removable or Non-Removable tongue, depending on your preference. However, note that this option is uncompatible with silicone and TPE doll heads that has hair implants!

Moaning System

When interacting with your real doll by touch or during sexual activity, switching on this device will cause moaning sounds from your sex doll. The sound system can be conveniently charged by connecting the power cord. If the doll is AI powered, you can connect it to the Internet using WiFi, and then download new moaning sounds for your doll. Interestingly, you have a wide variety of languages to choose from.

Heating System

Included in your package, you will find a USB heater designed specifically to warm the orifices (mouth, vagina, anus) of your doll. Know that this heating system is for full-body warm ups.

To utilize the USB heater, connect it to your doll and allow it to warm for a minimum of 40 minutes. Ensure you exercise caution and prevent the overheating of your doll by unplugging the heater.

During the heating process, it is essential not to use your love doll. It is strictly advised not to use the heating option while the doll is submerged in water. Additionally, always remember to disconnect the power before washing your doll or exposing it to damp or wet environments.

Hair Implant

For the hair on the WM/YL Adult Doll, there are two options: real hair or fake hair. Length and colour of hair are up to you.

You can treat your hair the way you desire, but we don’t recommend using heat above 140 degrees centigrade.

If you choose implanted hair, the head is made with a tougher TPE blend. The head and mouth will be hard, which means that oral sex and adding the tongue and uvula won’t be possible. If you choose the human/real implanted hair when you’re customising your doll, let us know what colour and length you want in the “Notes” box when you place your order. Please note that hair that has been implanted takes an extra 10–14 days to arrive.

Click on this video to find out how hair implants are made.

Breathing System

WM Doll’s new 2021 release is the Breathing System. WM sex dolls now have the ability to breathe just like a real person thanks to this cutting-edge innovation. Their chests beats just like a human  and air flows in and out of the nostrils simultaneously to mimic human breathing.

Note: The Breathing System feature is only available on YL and WM love dolls for now.

Lubricant Free Feature

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