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SE Doll Beginner’s Guide

SE Doll Beginner's Guide

About SE Doll

SEDOLL, launched in 2016, is among the most luxury TPE sex doll producers. It is an international corporation, and Shenzhen, in China, serves as the company’s primary production base. And it has 2 global business offices in America and China.

They have always been the most fashion-forward, specializing in female sex dolls, very adorable and beautiful dolls that steals the hearts of onlookers, most of their bodies and heads are very popular. Their full-body dolls vary in looks, of which both anime and Asian adult dolls are unique.

In 2020, SEDOLL launched its latest revolutionary movable sex robots. These movable sex machines can move using a remote control to ensure easy penetration.

SEDOLL has always been upgrading and enhancing its sex dolls’ features, like articulated fingers, moaning system, heating etc., to give customers hyper-realistic love dolls.

Note: Both WM dolls and SE dolls are made by JinSan factory. SEDOLL adult dolls possess M16 head connectors, which is suitable all WM dolls.

SE Doll Options

Skin Color

SEDOLL provides the standard range of doll skin tones, including White, Natural, Dark Tan, and Light Tan.

guide sedoll skin

If you prefer a particular skin tone, such as red, purple, etc., you can choose to customize it. SEDOLL can meet all your needs.

Your desired skin tone can be specified in the order notes.

guide sedoll skin 2

Mouth Type

guide sedoll mouth

Besides enhancing realism, love dolls with tongues can give oral sex.


For silicone love dolls, you can’t select tongue, removable vagina, and heating features.

  • Oral sex using a silicone head doll is not advised, which can damage the head easily.
  • Silicone does not transfer or retain heat.
  • The detachable vagina has to be pushed down with force, and the lower body can easily be torn apart in the process.

Articulated Fingers

guide sedoll fingers

As an added safety measure, the upgraded articulated fingers have smooth rounded tips rather than sharp edges on the joints.

Realistic Body Painting

Realistic body painting mainly simulates the texture of real skin, such as veins, and some blemishes.

All dolls from SE Doll can now be customized with photo-realistic body painting. Adding veins and arteries to your doll will make it look more lifelike.

Warning: Excessive rubbing or washing of the doll’s skin after adding this feature could cause the veins to fade away.

guide sedoll painting 1
guide sedoll painting 2
guide sedoll painting 3
guide sedoll painting 4
guide sedoll painting 5

Moaning & Heating

guide sedoll moaning

The motion detectors are typically placed inside the doll. The doll’s head or another part of its body contains the speaker. It is manually controlled via switches/buttons. If pressed, your love doll will moan when touched or moved. Click here to learn more about the moaning function!

guide sedoll heating

For adult dolls with internal heaters, there are wirings inside the doll’s private area. Connect the doll to the wall outlet using a plug, and the temperature will increase according to your settings in 20 to 30 minutes.

Note that you must unplug the doll when every body part is completely warmed up to your desired temperature. Overheating the doll won’t only damage the in-built heating system in the doll, it might make your doll faulty.

Upgraded Hands & Feet

guide sedoll hand feet

Upgraded Hands & Feet – More durable& realistic  (only for silicone dolls)

Strong hands & feet and extra soft breasts & hips are customizable features for only SEDOLL silicone adult toys.

Fingers and wrists on hard hands are reinforced for increased durability and protection against strain and injury. Their hands are strong enough to support their weight and allow them to strike poses that would otherwise be impossible.

Hardened feet can stand without studs!

Regular dolls can’t stand without some kind of support under their feet. But if you leave your doll standing for too long, the studs on her feet could damage her shoes or the floor.

Auto Blowjob

SEDOLL was one of the first manufacturers to implement an automatic blowjob function. The sex doll can be manipulated into a variety of poses for the duration of the blowjob.

Do not submerge your doll in water if it has an automatic blowjob function, as this could damage the circuitry within the doll.

Its velocity can be adjusted with the flip of a switch. The auto blowjob capability, which SE introduced to the doll first, has opened up new sexual possibilities. There are circuit boards inside the doll’s body, so be sure to read the directions before attempting to clean the doll. The doll should not be immersed in water or any other liquid. The doll shouldn’t be exposed to moisture either.

Automatic blowjob is only available for SEDOLL adult toys with heights ranging from 148cm to 163cm.

Ultra-soft Hip & Breasts

The long-term durability of silicone makes silicone dolls tougher than TPE dolls. And the strong boobs and butts will significantly reduce the realism. Silicone dolls can now be outfitted with optional super-soft breasts and buttocks. You can make your doll’s chest and  buttocks as smooth as water or jelly with these adjustments.

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