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Irontech Doll Beginner’s Guide

Irontech Doll Beginner's Guide

About Irontech Doll

Irontech doll is one of the best companies that makes dolls that look like real people. They are experts at making TPE sex dolls that look like human beings and silicone love dolls with full bodies. They have a new Silicone head with TPE body sex dolls in their Hyper-realistic collection. Every doll from Irontech has small details like blood vessels, hair implants, skin pores, eyebrows, and so much more.

Love dolls from Irontech doll are available in different looks, features and genders to meet whatever needs you have. These love dolls are all available in different shapes and sizes including skinny, BBW, torso, and mini to satisfy all clients. What’s more? They are cheaper than dolls from other top brands. You can use Irontech doll as a sexual partner, a dating coach, or a photo model. Whatever your reasons for purchase a love doll from Irontech, be assured that your needs will be met.

Latest ROS Function
guide irontech ros

Only available for S1, S17, S18, S20, S26, S29, S37, S40, ROS-2 & ROS-3.

Only available for ROS heads

New Sex Robot Function

Irontech launched their latest robot options in September, 2022. These options include automatic blowjob, vagina clamp & suck, and electric hips for their TPE adult toys. With these new robotic features, Iorntech’s sex dolls will be much more realistic and useful.

guide irontech robot

Electric Butt

As an improved electric butt, the plug-and-play function makes it possible for your love doll to ride you with greater ease. The video (click “the video” to view) demonstrates the rotation of the hips and waist in clear detail.

The electric butt feature is restricted to the following human forms:

The recommended size for TPE dolls is 140cm or more.

158, 160, 163, 164, 168cm are all suitable for silicone dolls.

Auto Sucking Vagina

It functions in the same way as the Zelex Auto-sucking Vagina, but is managed by an external device.

Please notice that the automatic-sucking vagina is not included with the 166cm, 162cm, 148cm, or 100cm silicone love dolls or TPE tiny dolls.

Auto Blowjob

Irontech has introduced a new sex robot function: the automatic blowjob. Sit back and indulge in some high-quality oral pleasure. You may control the auto blowjob’s motion rate with a remote.

These Irontech body types are the only ones that can get an automatic blowout.

Dolls made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) range in height from 175 to 156 centimetres.

168 cm to 158 cm for silicone sex dolls.

Newest Ultra-Soft Silicone

The newest extra soft silicone material used for Irontech love dolls is an innovation to boost sex doll realism. This extra soft silicone looks and feels like a human skin, especially around the breasts and buttocks area.

This extra-soft silicone is different because it is filled with soft gel, which makes it feel almost like a person. This combination of silicone and gel filling mimics the feel and texture of natural body parts, so it feels real when you’re in a romantic or sexual relationship. It is also very flexible and moves easily in response to pressure and touch.

Irontech Doll Options

Irontech Silicone Doll Skin Color

guide irontech skin silicone 1 scaled

Irontech Silicone Doll Body Type

Irontech TPE Doll Skin Color

guide irontech skin tpe scaled

Irontech TPE Doll Body Type

Irontech Silicone Doll Close-up Pictures

Hair Transplant

Articulated Fingers

Realistic Body Makeup

Realistic body details that’s rare

that’s how ZELEX designs a super human-like experience for users.

But it doesn’t stop there. Even the body make-up looks realistic and is almost permanent.

guide zelex freckle
guide zelex tan lines

Metal Skeleton

guide zelex skeleton 1
guide zelex move range

Gel Breast

For the ultimate pleasure, how does ZELEX soften the breasts? The ability to precisely manipulate the gel breast is a product of 3D printing technology.

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