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What is Sex Doll?

What is Sex Doll?

Sex dolls generally have the following characteristics

  1. Close to the real person. It also includes some simulation constructs for sex, such as mouth, vagina and anus.
  2. It is a sex toy, it is a life-size doll, mainly for masturbation, as well as companionship. Men use it instead of having sex with a real woman.
  3. Some advanced sex dolls may have some additional functions, such as intelligent voice dialogue, voice production, vibration, skin temperature, etc.

We usually refer to sex dolls as silica gel dolls or TPE dolls, whose texture is close to real people.

But in a broad sense, sex dolls can be divided into the following categories

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Inflatable Dolls or Blow Up Dolls
      1. 1.1 Fully inflatable doll
      2. 1.2.Semi-solid inflatable doll
      3. 1.3.Compound inflatable doll
  2. 2. Silicone or TPE Sex Doll
  3. The Difference between Inflatable Doll and Silica Gel/TPE Sex Doll

1. Inflatable Dolls or Blow Up Dolls

The cheapest is the inflatable doll, also known as the sex doll, which is like a balloon. It’s not big enough to use until it’s full of air. It looks like a real person after it’s full of air, but it’s different in detail from a real person.
The inflatable doll is only the weight and volume of a dress, very compact and convenient, very easy to hide, lower body (vagina) position is also correct. Friends as long as they buy a good quality and safety of the lower body, it is still good to use.

Inflatable dolls are easily damaged. If you buy them, you must buy them of good quality. But don’t buy them too expensive. Dozens of dollars are enough.

inflatable doll

Inflatable dolls can also be divided into three types

1.1 Fully inflatable doll

Head, trunk and limbs need air support.
1.2.Semi-solid inflatable doll
Head and hands and feet are solid, and other body parts need air support.

1.3.Compound inflatable doll

uses a relatively expensive material as the outer skin. Because the outer skin uses thick materials, the production cost is dozens of times higher than that of ordinary inflatable doll.

The skin of an ordinary inflatable doll is made of raincoat material, which costs only a few dollars to make. It’s far less expensive than a thick-skinned inflatable doll.

It generally has the following characteristics:

  • When not inflated, the volume is slightly larger than that of a basketball.
  • The limbs can’t fix the angle, and they are straight when inflated.
  • The head is a solid make-up is more meticulous.
  • Not easy to break and leak
Compound inflatable doll

2. Silicone or TPE Sex Doll

Silica Gel Doll–Shape better

TPE Dolls – better softness

Silicone dolls are always slightly lighter than TPE dolls. The body is thinner. The face is more delicate.

If you want to know more about the difference between silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls, you can get from [All You Need to Know About TPE Sex Dolls].

The Difference between Inflatable Doll and Silica Gel/TPE Sex Doll

  • Inflatable dolls cost only a few dozen dollars or so, which is a waste. Physical dolls cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • The inflatable doll weighs only a few kilograms, while the 168cm silicone/TPE sex doll weighs about 35 kilograms.
  • Air-filled dolls can hide in any corner after releasing gas. Solid dolls need larger space to store, such as wardrobes!
  • Inflatable dolls can not change any posture. Solid dolls can pose many postures.
    Inflatable dolls are ugly. Physical dolls can be beautiful as long as they are carefully dressed.
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How to Sex with Sex doll?

How to Sex with Sex doll?

Sex dolls are a relatively expensive product, which means that anyone who breaks down will be distressed, regardless of emotional or value. So we need to love. Normal use, proper maintenance, physical doll life is absolutely not short, but if you don’t care, maybe a small detail will destroy the whole doll.


don’t trust other people’s immature treatment methods, such as alcohol, gasoline, or even disinfectant, which will corrode the doll. Normal cleaning with water, plus bath fluid. What if dirty things can’t go? Use olive oil, or other oil, and pour it on the cotton pad, which is very effective for cleaning. In addition to large areas of dyeing, as well as very serious, you can use depigmentation paste, the other is not recommended.

2. Wig care

if you buy physical dolls, you need to know a little common sense, dolls need to be cared for. The same is true for hair. If it’s troublesome, tie it up and wash it twice a month to keep it clean. The difference is not to rub it in circles, but to rub it slightly. Do you want it to be better managed? Then use conditioner. After washing, mix the water with conditioner, soak it first, then take it out half an hour, and air-dry it naturally. If you’re really lazy, you can braid and horsetail. In fact, it’s easy to handle.

3. Clothes dyeing problem

afraid of how to do dyeing, will advise you not to buy dark clothes, ah, if you really want to buy, well, at least buy a more expensive, and wash several times before wearing, so that your doll dyeing probability will be reduced a lot, and then before wearing the doll powder, talcum powder! Taste powder is essential for the care of sex dolls. Don’t be afraid of dyeing. Light dyeing is absorbed by oily cosmetic solution. Serious, buy the colour paste and apply it for 24 hours, but it will be corrosive. Generally, it is not recommended.

4. Vaginal cleaning

Gifts have vaginal cleaners, in fact, the mouth and anus can be used, the use of simple. When you see something, you will use it, just like a water-absorbing pen, water-absorbing, water-spraying, water-absorbing, water-spraying… Let the baby sit, the water will naturally flow out, or you can take a hair dryer, blow down the vagina. For a long time, you can occasionally use the lower vaginal disinfectant, not for dolls, but for yourself, with disinfection effect. The mouth is the same as the vagina, but it needs to be screwed down and washed. Of course, it can be washed directly when taking a bath.

5. Make-up problems

Follow this video to learn How to Clean Your Sex Doll’s Body

make-up removal with olive oil or make-up remover can be very practical, there are dolls can be prepared. But try not to wash your eyebrows, because really few people can continue to draw them. Not to mention wigs. Amazon has a lot of them, but it’s better to buy light-colored ones. Don’t envy other people’s dolls. They are all managed. It was hard at first, and I enjoyed it when I got familiar with it. Solid dolls are softer, so don’t choose colored pencils. Common cosmetics are good.

Follow this video to learn How to Clean a Fixed Vagina

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How to Make a Sex Doll

How to Make a Sex Doll

Many people want to learn how to make fuck doll by themselves. Is this possible? Let’s look at this.

How to Make a Sex Doll

Cheap solutions to make sex dolls

Haha, this may be ridiculous. We need a bit of reliability. If you need to make a homemade sex doll, You can use your clothes at home. It’s really more comfortable than using your hands.
this video may help you.
I think that it’s better to make with masturbators, which feels more real.

The rich man’s solutions to make sex dolls

Yes, some people say I’m rich. I want to make a sex doll like a silicone or TPE doll sold in an online store.
If you have professional knowledge of productive dolls, or want to learn, you can learn how to make a real life sex dolls.

Solutions for ordinary people

For most people, making dolls is not a good idea, because it doesn’t make you feel great.
I would recommend buying one. If you don’t have some budget, you can buy Masturbators, usually for tens of dollars.
I would recommend buying one. If you don’t have some budget, you can buy Masturbators, usually for tens of dollars.
Of course, you can also buy a TPE sex doll with a skeleton, And these dolls are customizable. You can choose your favorite wig, height, face shape, breast size, and pubic hair.
Our dolls are very cheap with good quality. If you like, you can buy one sex doll here. Price is 399-899, providing free worldwide shipping.
doll customize 600x387 1
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Top 7 Frequent Questions and Solutions of Sex Dolls

Top 7 Frequent Questions and Solutions of Sex Dolls

1.How to check if the clothes will decolorize?

  • You can soak your clothes in detergent or detergent for 10 minutes and see if the water has any color. If not, that’s okay.
  • For an old piece of clothing, it’s even easier. If you’re sure it won’t discolor, you can use it.

2.Will white cloth dye the doll?

White clothes don’t dye, while colorful clothes do, and when you hold the doll to cause its temperature rise, colorful clothes will be easier to decolor.

3.Does the surface of the doll dye easily?

Generally, it depends on clothes. If the clothes themselves are not dyed, they will not be dyed. If they are afraid of dyeing, it is suggested to wear a underwear for the doll, other clothes outside, or a light-colored clothes.

4.Can dolls not wear clothes at ordinary times?

Yes, you can wear no clothes, but you have to keep away from the dust.
When the doll is not wearing clothes, it is more likely to pick up microorganisms and bacteria, thus reducing the life of the doll

5.How to care for wigs?

You can wash it with shampoo and then apply some conditioner to make it more supple.
Of course, the best way is to buy a new one, after all, wigs are not expensive

6.How to use talcum powder correctly for sex dolls

It can be used all over the body. Be careful not to stain talcum powder on wigs and pubic hair. After operation, you can put the doll in a box or bed.
In general, talcum powder should be used after a long period of non-use or just after a shower

7.What cosmetics are suitable for sex dolls?

All cosmetics for real people can be used without special requirements.
Eyeliner, blush, lipstick, eyebrow pencil can be used, but pay attention to do not wear heavy makeup, or after contaminated water, easy to make the doll dye.
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Development of Sex Dolls

Development of Sex Dolls

Where does the sex doll come from?

Now sex dolls are very realistic, aren’t they? But sex dolls weren’t as good at the beginning. The sex doll, a tool for human masturbation, was rumored to have been created during World War II. According to various circulating sources, Hitler may be called “the enabler of the birth of sex dolls.”
Regarding Hitler’s relationship with sex dolls, there are currently two kinds of statements:
  • One is that in order to ensure the purity of German blood, Hitler banned Germans from having sex with women of non-Aryan descent. Dolls;
  • another argument is that Hitler was to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the Nazi army, so he ordered the SS commander Himmler to secretly develop sex dolls.

Although the study ended with the Nazis’ failure, it may have been inspired by this. Later, Germany began selling similar sex toys in the 1950s.

By the 1970s, sex dolls began to enter the stage of commercial development. Japan has developed a plastic, inflatable humanoid masturbation device. Because it is very similar to the inflatable swimming ring: it can be folded and stored in normal use, and it can be transformed into the shape of a human body only when inflated. Therefore, it is also called “inflatable doll“.

inflatable japanese sex doll
There is still a big gap between inflatable dolls and real people.
In fact, inflatable dolls of that era were not so much “human-shaped masturbators” as they were called “human-shaped balloon toys”-they were simple and rough-made balloon toys. Compared with the inflatable mascots in front of shopping malls today, these inflatable toys are just more human in appearance and have one or two holes for people to have sex.
But despite this, the emergence of inflatable dolls is still sought after by the majority of demanders, and has been well received once launched-especially in Japan, where sales are very hot! There are actually other extreme uses for this kind of stuff. For example, when flooding in Australia in early January 2011, two 19-year-olds rely on an inflatable doll as a life buoy to reach rescue. This is really interesting.

Portable sex doll, convenient but unsatisfactory

One of the development trends of human inventions is simplicity and dexterity. So in the 1980s, the “palm-sized doll” that is still popular today has appeared. It is roughly equivalent to a hollowed out big banana, which is very convenient to use, easy to carry, and easy to hide, so it became a product that many demanders rushed to buy.
However, such a small doll is not much different from masturbation. After all, most people still want a full embrace, not just a full palm.

Sex dolls approaching real appearance

At the end of the 1980s, sex dolls closer to real people appeared. At first, the whole body of this kind of doll was hard and even angular! And their posture is fixed and single, which can’t meet the needs of various sex at all.
hard sex doll body head
hard sex doll arm leg
In order to overcome these shortcomings, people in the early 90’s developed a prototype of a simulated sex doll, that is, a combined sex doll. Various parts of the body of this doll can be disassembled and assembled, so that it can take different poses.
In addition, their faces have become beautiful, which has taken care of people’s aesthetic needs to a certain extent. However, the details are still unsatisfactory. For example, the skin is still hard and not delicate and realistic.

TPE and silicone Love doll

At the end of the 1990s, the bone performance, skin feel and facial features of sex dolls have been greatly improved.
Japan began to try to make dolls with artificial bones, with the hope that their postures could be more flexible and changeable, thus giving users a more realistic feeling. However, it is really difficult to achieve this. After all, human bones and joints have complex structures and flexible movements, and it is not easy to imitate them.
Japanese Real Sex Doll a12 aini 10
In addition, people began to use advanced medical non-toxic software silicone or PVC materials to make sex dolls. These materials are more flexible in touch. People even attach a battery to the doll so that it can maintain a constant “body temperature” of 37 ° C for a certain period of time, making people indulge in the feeling of a real hug! you can buy our sex doll with body temperature here.
In appearance, the appearance of sex dolls has also taken a qualitative leap. Their hair is completely made of real materials, and their faces are mostly made by AV actresses.

Guess the future

“Further improving simulation” should be the mainstream trend of the future development of sex dolls. Now sex dolls can simulate the release of a real person’s panting, temperature and even body fluids! Future sex dolls may be able to identify the user’s identity, flirt with the user, play sex games, and react differently to the user’s different postures and positions …
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How to Dress up Your Sex Doll

How to Dress up Your Sex Doll

Many customers may not be very satisfied with the appearance of the doll after they have purchased it. Even if they are just satisfied, they will have aesthetic fatigue after watching it for a long time. So how should sex dolls be dressed?

Sex Doll Clothing

dolls from LIT Sex Dolls do not provide clothing on the picture, but provide erotic lingerie, so it is necessary to buy a suitable clothing at the local store. The sex doll is completely modeled on a simulated human body. so you can buy real-life clothing directly in the market. There are several types of doll costumes:

1. Normal clothing: This kind of clothing is the most common, they can be bought on Amazon, eBay or local clothing stores.

2. Uniforms clothing: student uniforms, OL uniforms, teachers uniforms, nurses uniforms, police officers uniforms, soldiers uniforms, etc. which can be used to set the profession of dolls.

3. Anime clothing: such as cosplay clothing, lolita clothing, etc. people who choose this clothing are generally anime lovers.

4. Erotic clothing: clothing of Bunny girls or bikinis and underwear are such type. They are sexy and hot that can add emotions visually and tactilely.

The purchase of sex doll clothing is also determined based on the height of the doll body, and the size of each doll will also be different. The general principles for purchasing clothing are as follows: Dolls over 150cm can buy adult clothing directly. Dolls around 120cm can consider choosing children’s clothing, it is best to buy at a local store for easy replacement.
How to Dress up Your Sex Doll | Dressing Up Sex Doll

Sex Doll Wig

There are also many wig styles, long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, and various styles, as well as various colors, and some can also be diy. There are currently three types of wig materials on the market: ordinary silk, high-temperature silk, and real hair. Their price and quality will be different.

1. Ordinary silk: its price is cheap, basically fixed shape, quality is also slightly poor, difficult to take care of, easy to scrap, the price is between $ 5-10 dollars.

2. High temperature silk: its price is moderate, the characteristic is that this kind of silk is resistant to high temperature, you can make all kinds of styles by yourself, most cosplay wigs are like this, and it is smooth, the price is between $ 10-30 between.

3. Real hair: It is expensive and made from real human hair, with all the advantages of real human hair.


Sex Doll Eyeball

At present, the eyeballs of dolls on the market are different according to different models. LIT Sex Dolls’ eyeballs are optional at the time of purchase. In theory, the eyeballs can also be replaced, because when designing a sex doll, there is a device in the eye to fix the eyeballs. Above, the eyeball can be rotated in the device. However, the removal device can only be taken out from the orbit of the face, and special tools are needed. It is not easy to operate and can easily damage the doll’s eyes. It is best not to try it by yourself or to find a professional to complete it.
Blue 7
Green 7
Brown 7
black eye


Sex Doll Face Makeup

Tpe doll face usually has eye makeup and lip makeup. If you use it for a long time, it will fade or even fade when you clean it. At this time, you can make up. For real-life cosmetics, you should be extra careful or find a professional makeup artist would be better.

Sex Doll Shoes

Doll shoes need to be sized by the manufacturer for reference, you can find size on product page or contact us, and the doll’s feet are also different. so you still need to buy them to try. The collocation is based on the style of clothing. Don’t let the doll stand for a long time even if the doll is wearing shoes.

Sex Doll Accessories

Accessories can be used to decorate the doll. The doll’s head can be worn with various hats, headdresses, hairpins, etc. You can wear rings, necklace bracelets and anklets on body. Clothes can be attached with brooches, corsages, school badges and ties. You can wear stockings on legs. Also includes some props, such as leather whip and backpack, etc. These also need to be matched according to your own preferences.
168CM Anime Bunny Girl Sex Doll ysr 12 600x400 1
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Sex Dolls Hollow Breasts and Solid Breasts Difference

Sex Dolls Hollow Breasts and Solid Breasts Difference

You may see the breast style selection in the page, it generally contains two options: hollow breasts and solid breasts

What are hollow breasts and solid breasts?

solid breasts: The default breasts of sex doll are solid, which means that the breasts are filled with TPE or silicone material. This is a design that mimics a real human body

hollow breasts: The hollow breasts of sex doll are hollow, and hollow width is generally not more than half, which helps make the breasts softer.

Solid breasts
hollow breasts

Hollow breasts VS Solid Breasts?

For big dolls, their breasts are usually larger, which also means that they are filled with more TPE or silicone, so the breasts will become stiffer. Using hollow breasts can make the breasts softer and reduce body weight .
For small dolls, the difference between hollow and solid breasts is not obvious, so we generally don’t offer small dolls with a hollow option.
Of course, this is not absolute, it is also related to the material of the doll. If a softer TPE or silicone material is used, then the solid doll is solid and very soft.
In addition, long-term use of hollow breasts dolls may cause breasts deformation. For most customers, solid dolls are completely sufficient for daily use.
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Standing Feet for Sex Doll

Standing Feet for Sex Doll

What is the standing feet?

When you buy a sex doll for the first time, you may notice the option of standing feet. so what is standing feet? What is a non-standing feet? Shouldn’t a sex doll stand in general?
This is to say from the tpe material. The TPE material is very soft. If you buy a non-standing sex doll, because of the skeleton inside the footboard, when you keep the doll standing, this metal may directly make the TPE sole wear.
sex doll standing feet
The standing doll is that the feet are equipped with three screws as an extension of the skeleton to support the doll’s standing.

Use Standing Function Correctly

Even if there is a standing function, the doll may not be able to stand stably. The three screws at the bottom just play a supporting role, which is not particularly stable, because the doll is not like a real person, who have cerebellum to maintain the balance of the body, so you still need to find a wall or rely on things to make she stand steadily.
When you choose the standing function, don’t wear stockings for the doll, because the screws may damage the stockings. In addition, when you wear shoes for the doll, wear a few more socks or use harder insoles so that the shoes are not easily damaged.
Of course, there is another way. You can put leather insoles on the feet of the doll first, and then put on stockings.
sex doll feet with insole

Should I buy the standing function?

For those who are looking for a perfect body, the three screws will undoubtedly destroy the integrity of the soles of the feet. If it happens that you don’t need the doll to stand for long, the regular feet are the best.
If you use the doll as a model, it is still necessary to stand on your feet.
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Legality of Mini Sex Dolls

Legality of Mini Sex Dolls

With the development of sex dolls, various types of sex dolls have appeared one after another, but one of them is controversial, that is mini sex dolls.

Legality of Mini Sex Dolls

Since the emergence of mini sex dolls, people have been worried that sex dolls are related to child sexual assault, because the height of mini sex dolls generally does not exceed 125cm, which is similar to the height of children. Internationally recognized children’s sex dolls are less than 140cm in height. For example, Singapore stipulates that sex dolls under 140cm cannot be imported, but for most countries, there is no such regulation or strict implementation.
The focus of the controversy is mainly that the sex doll is just a sex toy, not a real person, so we cannot equate the purchase and use of mini sex dolls with child sexual assault. Secondly, sex dolls may help reduce the rate of sexual assault. The conclusion has yet to be confirmed, so it currently appears that most countries can still legally buy mini sex dolls. For the United States, Canada, Australia, and European countries, we can guarantee accurate delivery.
Tiny Love Doll 100 lm 9

Why Did Someone Buy Mini Doll?

Compared to adult-size sex dolls, little sex dolls have some obvious advantages:

1. Affordable price

Because the small sex doll is smaller in size and requires less raw materials, the production cost will be lower. Most of the sex dolls in the world come from China, which means that they need to be transported internationally to reach buyers, and small dolls are used for lighter package weights, so shipping costs will be lower.

2. Lighter weight

The 68cm mini sex doll weighs about 4.5kg. Even a 100cm mini sex doll weighs only 12kg, which is far less than the weight of an adult-sized doll. For people who use it often, Lighter weight means easier use, and you shouldn’t want to be sweaty before you even start using it.

3. Lovely appearance

I believe that this is the reason why most of them like small dolls. They have small heads, big eyes, and some are flat chested sex dolls. This is also in line with some people ’s aesthetics, and for some lost children For people, they may want to buy a real-life model as their spiritual sustenance.

Prohibiting mini-sex dolls does not substantially help prevent child sexual assault. The law should judge the legitimacy of mini-sex dolls more fairly, such as criminal records and uses of customers.
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Sex Doll Factory Introduction

Sex Doll Factory Introduction

70% of the world’s adult products are produced in China, and sex dolls are one of them. They are even more beautiful than real people, because they have long legs, thin waists, big breasts, and exquisite faces that Look like male dream lover. But did you know the sex doll factory? let’s have a look

sex doll madeline

The first area is used to make a humanoid skeleton. Each skeleton is composed of more than 100 parts. We can see multiple molds fixed on the iron frame. It looks like a production line of auto parts. If you are the first Seeing this scene once was even a bit scary.

Sex doll skeleton workbench

The second area is used to make the body of the doll. The outer part of the skeleton is filled with a sponge and then coated with a protective layer. This step is equivalent to shaping the doll’s body, and each order is customized according to the user. The body models are hung neatly, and the workers shape the doll’s body shape, chest shape, butt, legs very finely, and the whole scene is full of sense of technology.

sex doll mould overview


Sex doll hanging on iron frame

The third area makes skin. the outermost layer of the doll is cast with silicone or TPE material. Then hang all naked human bodies on hangers. Each doll has long legs, a thin waist and a big breast. The blood vessels on the skin are clearly visible when you look closely. Each doll’s body shape is very shapely. Real people definitely can’t grow this body shape, even girls have a desire to touch.

Sex doll neck

The fourth area is used for grooming the doll. First, bath the doll, then polish and wipe the body, apply makeup, nails, and hair. Each step must be very careful, as if taking care of a girl without clothes. After this step is completed, a sex doll is fully prepared. Finally, the sex doll’s body and head were split, put into a box, and waited for delivery.

sex doll worker 1

To buy a sex doll, the user must choose from 58 face types, 11 body shapes, and 4 skin colors that have been developed so far. Details include pupil color, pubic hair, nail color, foot standing, and so on. The orderers of these sex dolls are more in need of a humanoid partner who has their own psychological needs.