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Sex Doll Factory Introduction

Sex doll semi finished products

Sex Doll Factory Introduction

70% of the world’s adult products are produced in China, and sex dolls are one of them. They are even more beautiful than real people, because they have long legs, thin waists, big breasts, and exquisite faces that Look like male dream lover. But did you know the sex doll factory? let’s have a look

sex doll madeline

The first area is used to make a humanoid skeleton. Each skeleton is composed of more than 100 parts. We can see multiple molds fixed on the iron frame. It looks like a production line of auto parts. If you are the first Seeing this scene once was even a bit scary.

Sex doll skeleton workbench

The second area is used to make the body of the doll. The outer part of the skeleton is filled with a sponge and then coated with a protective layer. This step is equivalent to shaping the doll’s body, and each order is customized according to the user. The body models are hung neatly, and the workers shape the doll’s body shape, chest shape, butt, legs very finely, and the whole scene is full of sense of technology.

sex doll mould overview


Sex doll hanging on iron frame

The third area makes skin. the outermost layer of the doll is cast with silicone or TPE material. Then hang all naked human bodies on hangers. Each doll has long legs, a thin waist and a big breast. The blood vessels on the skin are clearly visible when you look closely. Each doll’s body shape is very shapely. Real people definitely can’t grow this body shape, even girls have a desire to touch.

Sex doll neck

The fourth area is used for grooming the doll. First, bath the doll, then polish and wipe the body, apply makeup, nails, and hair. Each step must be very careful, as if taking care of a girl without clothes. After this step is completed, a sex doll is fully prepared. Finally, the sex doll’s body and head were split, put into a box, and waited for delivery.

sex doll worker 1

To buy a sex doll, the user must choose from 58 face types, 11 body shapes, and 4 skin colors that have been developed so far. Details include pupil color, pubic hair, nail color, foot standing, and so on. The orderers of these sex dolls are more in need of a humanoid partner who has their own psychological needs.

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