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Do We Need Sex Dolls?

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Do We Need Sex Dolls?

I can’t believe that with the Internet growing so fast and so much information available today, we still sometimes hide sex.

Is Sex a Normal Topic?

When you were in the coffee shop you will talk about work, the development of today’s political and economic situation, as well as the stress in your life and the emotional entanglements of others, but you should seldom talks “sex”, also won’t talk about you last night in which web site to see what porn films, as well as the frequency of masturbation, and good sex doll on the Internet.
We’re never really liberated by sex because we still don’t think sex is a normal topic. Even if we all watch porn videos, we all masturbate, and we spend no less than three minutes browsing the web for sex dolls.

Sex Doll VS Girlfriends

Many people question the positive impact of sexual liberation. Why buy a sex doll instead of having a girlfriend?
There are many reasons for this. The most sexually active people are young people between the ages of 25 and 35. They are in a period of career development when their daily work is exhausting. We can divide love into two aspects, one is sex, which is the physical need, and the other is emotion, which is the psychological feeling. Many men know that they only want sex, but they don’t want to find someone they don’t love. So if they want to buy a sex doll to relieve the pressure and desire during their period, why should everyone think it’s strange?

Use Sex Doll Gracefully

Why does it feel immoral to make a decision for the purpose of being free and not harming others? Perhaps it is not poverty that limits one’s imagination, but the prejudices of others that limit one’s imagination about the form of life. Existence is reason. Perhaps our understanding of “sexual liberation” is biased, and the openness to “sex” is actually an open understanding of oneself.
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We’ve been forced to deny our own desires, gays and lesbians in some countries need to hide their desires, the bible says same-sex couples can’t be together, and even heterosexuals can’t talk too much about sex. Not to mention bisexuals, asexuals and transsexuals, all of whom face questions and puzzles from others. However, this society demands more from women. We need to be elegant in spirit and thought. At least people will admit men’s desires, while women need to be careful to say “no” when love comes. To show her reserved virtue, the girl is required to behave and speak with grace.
But can’t we talk about sex gracefully? Why does grace go against human nature? Sex dolls were invented as toys to release sexual desire, and as long as we use them properly, what’s so strange about them? People who want to suppress their inner desire to buy and use sex dolls are deceiving themselves.
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