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What is Sex Doll?

About Sex Doll

What is Sex Doll?

Sex dolls generally have the following characteristics

  1. Close to the real person. It also includes some simulation constructs for sex, such as mouth, vagina and anus.
  2. It is a sex toy, it is a life-size doll, mainly for masturbation, as well as companionship. Men use it instead of having sex with a real woman.
  3. Some advanced sex dolls may have some additional functions, such as intelligent voice dialogue, voice production, vibration, skin temperature, etc.

We usually refer to sex dolls as silica gel dolls or TPE dolls, whose texture is close to real people.

But in a broad sense, sex dolls can be divided into the following categories

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Inflatable Dolls or Blow Up Dolls
      1. 1.1 Fully inflatable doll
      2. 1.2.Semi-solid inflatable doll
      3. 1.3.Compound inflatable doll
  2. 2. Silicone or TPE Sex Doll
  3. The Difference between Inflatable Doll and Silica Gel/TPE Sex Doll

1. Inflatable Dolls or Blow Up Dolls

The cheapest is the inflatable doll, also known as the sex doll, which is like a balloon. It’s not big enough to use until it’s full of air. It looks like a real person after it’s full of air, but it’s different in detail from a real person.
The inflatable doll is only the weight and volume of a dress, very compact and convenient, very easy to hide, lower body (vagina) position is also correct. Friends as long as they buy a good quality and safety of the lower body, it is still good to use.

Inflatable dolls are easily damaged. If you buy them, you must buy them of good quality. But don’t buy them too expensive. Dozens of dollars are enough.

inflatable doll

Inflatable dolls can also be divided into three types

1.1 Fully inflatable doll

Head, trunk and limbs need air support.
1.2.Semi-solid inflatable doll
Head and hands and feet are solid, and other body parts need air support.

1.3.Compound inflatable doll

uses a relatively expensive material as the outer skin. Because the outer skin uses thick materials, the production cost is dozens of times higher than that of ordinary inflatable doll.

The skin of an ordinary inflatable doll is made of raincoat material, which costs only a few dollars to make. It’s far less expensive than a thick-skinned inflatable doll.

It generally has the following characteristics:

  • When not inflated, the volume is slightly larger than that of a basketball.
  • The limbs can’t fix the angle, and they are straight when inflated.
  • The head is a solid make-up is more meticulous.
  • Not easy to break and leak
Compound inflatable doll

2. Silicone or TPE Sex Doll

Silica Gel Doll–Shape better

TPE Dolls – better softness

Silicone dolls are always slightly lighter than TPE dolls. The body is thinner. The face is more delicate.

If you want to know more about the difference between silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls, you can get from [All You Need to Know About TPE Sex Dolls].

The Difference between Inflatable Doll and Silica Gel/TPE Sex Doll

  • Inflatable dolls cost only a few dozen dollars or so, which is a waste. Physical dolls cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • The inflatable doll weighs only a few kilograms, while the 168cm silicone/TPE sex doll weighs about 35 kilograms.
  • Air-filled dolls can hide in any corner after releasing gas. Solid dolls need larger space to store, such as wardrobes!
  • Inflatable dolls can not change any posture. Solid dolls can pose many postures.
    Inflatable dolls are ugly. Physical dolls can be beautiful as long as they are carefully dressed.
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