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How To Install Sex Doll Head With Screw Connector?


As a fan, you might have had several experiences both excitement and disappointment especially when your package arrives at your home and doorstep, especially after you’ve opened it. Upon observing that the doll’s entire body is detached from its head, you may start to wonder how you put your own sex doll’s entire body together. You won’t need to worry since I’ll walk you through each step of connecting your sex doll head in the rod method. Let’s examine the assembly procedure.

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You’ll notice right away that the M16 model accepts all of the heads that are available for the sex doll, and that the rod used to connect the heads looks similar. The makers of intercourse dolls have taken into consideration the inclusion of a different doll head that permits the customization and interchangeability of various seems. There are 3 fundamental ways to enroll in rods: twisted end interconnecting roads with a cutting stop, threaded stop connecting roads with a threaded stop, and the newly invented connecting rods with multiple angle rotation skills. The human-like intercourse doll has a threaded socket on its neck where you can insert the connected head. Don’t forget to screw it into the doll’s frame. To save the intercourse doll’s head from coming off while in use, the screw is meant to offer a sturdy and solid attachment to the doll’s frame and head. It is essential to take into account that depending on the type and specifications of your doll, the unique function and length of the doll’s head screw might also range.

The most latest advancement in multi-angle connecting rod screw rotation permits one to ensure that the doll’s head has multi-attitude rotating capability by inserting one quit into both the head and frame similarly to the relevant link, which makes use of a round ball bond. To affirm the result of the distinct details, you may see the photograph images.


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Make sure you comply with this manual after acquiring the attachment rod supposed for the head.

  1. Locate the screw connection this is within the package gently. Technicians can also locate the connecting screw among the doll’s accessories; nonetheless, you ought to thoroughly look into every accent before accepting it.
  2. Make sure the top and frame are located efficiently. Before putting the screw connector, constantly test that the head and body of the intercourse doll are nicely aligned. The neck and torso of the doll have to suit snugly and exactly into the socket beneath the head.
  3. Make sure the connecting screw is inserted straight. Find the hole beneath the pinnacle of the human, then screw it in. After that, turn it in a clockwise direction till it remains regular in its vicinity. Please take care no longer to harm the sex doll via overtightening the screw. To ensure the intercourse doll head is firmly connected, preserve in mind that you would possibly need to tighten the screw by way of half a turn if it’s miles truly loose.
  4. Always verify that the connection is made. You can shake the doll’s head to make sure the screws are firmly in place and fastened. The screws need to be tightened if you notice that the head is trembling.

To always confirm and authenticate to show that the connecting screws are properly positioned on your unique human-like doll, we strongly suggest our clients adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can always refer to  instructions if you need any clarifications.

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