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Sex Dolls Hollow Breasts and Solid Breasts Difference

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Sex Dolls Hollow Breasts and Solid Breasts Difference

You may see the breast style selection in the page, it generally contains two options: hollow breasts and solid breasts

What are hollow breasts and solid breasts?

solid breasts: The default breasts of sex doll are solid, which means that the breasts are filled with TPE or silicone material. This is a design that mimics a real human body

hollow breasts: The hollow breasts of sex doll are hollow, and hollow width is generally not more than half, which helps make the breasts softer.

Solid breasts
hollow breasts

Hollow breasts VS Solid Breasts?

For big dolls, their breasts are usually larger, which also means that they are filled with more TPE or silicone, so the breasts will become stiffer. Using hollow breasts can make the breasts softer and reduce body weight .
For small dolls, the difference between hollow and solid breasts is not obvious, so we generally don’t offer small dolls with a hollow option.
Of course, this is not absolute, it is also related to the material of the doll. If a softer TPE or silicone material is used, then the solid doll is solid and very soft.
In addition, long-term use of hollow breasts dolls may cause breasts deformation. For most customers, solid dolls are completely sufficient for daily use.
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