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Knowing Your Sex Doll Hair Options: Wigs vs Implanted Hair


The realism and general beauty of sex dolls are greatly enhanced by their hair, be it implanted or wigged. When the time comes to buy a sex doll, though, you might not know whether to go with wigs or implanted hair. While each of those undoubtedly has its advantages and disadvantages, we’ll talk about which is better suited for certain materials and uses.

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What is sex doll hair implanted with?

Individual hair strands are inserted into the scalp of the doll to give it natural hair growth by using a well known method popularly referred to as “implanted hair”  which is employed in the creation of hair for sex dolls. The IL Doll girl in the video below has hair implants, as you can see, and her scalp and hair look incredibly natural. This is a labor-intensive procedure that is usually completed by hand, not by machines.

Which Kinds of Sex Dolls Can Benefit From Hair Implantation?

Silicone has to be the first substance that springs to mind when it comes to hair implants. As a result of their relative firmness, silicone heads are typically seen as the high-quality choice for hair implantation.

In addition to its flexibility and lengthy-lasting capability, the silicone head can also tolerate the hand-processed hair implantation technique that fits real human hair or premium synthetic hair.

The majority of doll producers and types typically offer hair implantation on fashionable silicone heads, popularly called difficult silicone heads.

On the other hand, several doll brands and producers, like Starpery Doll and SY Doll, additionally offer hair implantation on smooth silicone heads. On gentle silicone heads, hair implants may come off more without difficulty.

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It’s essential to remember that TPE dolls are commonly no longer accepted for hair implants.

However, WM Dolls’ sturdy TPE substance offers you the option of hair implantation.


Concerning Implanted Hair Materials

There are two major factors to take into account when choosing materials for hair implantation: actual human hair and synthetic hair.

The more luxurious choice of human hair implantation gives a practical look and sense. On SnDoll, a few doll manufacturers provide several hairstyles, colorings, and lengths.

Conversely, synthetic hair is a less expensive desire. Additionally, most doll manufacturers generally pick out this preference.

Note: Some manufacturers, such as WM Dolls, may only offer straight hair as implanted hair; therefore, there may be restrictions on hair implantation.

What Is a Sex Doll Wig?

A sex doll wig is a detachable hairpiece that you can decide to tailor to fit the doll’s appearance and enhance the doll’s appearance. You can cut the hair to the length and style you like. As seen in the video below, attaching a wig to a real doll is simple.

Which Kinds of Sex Dolls Are Fit for Wigs?

The typical response is every sex doll.

For sex dolls, particularly TPE sex dolls, a wig is a basic hair solution. It is not advised to implant hair in TPE sex dolls available on the market, except for WM Dolls’ hard TPE dolls. Naturally, wigs for silicone dolls are also offered. These are detachable hairpieces available in different lengths, colors, and styles.

There are more options, and they are less expensive for wigs. You may easily take off and replace the wig to alter your love doll’s appearance whenever you choose. Wigs are a great option if you prefer to dress up your doll in various appearances for cosplay or photography.

The advantages and disadvantages of implanted hair over wigs


Realism: It provides a more realistic appearance by imitating the feel, look, and movement of natural hair.

Customization: You have more creative freedom to customize the doll because you can style the hair in a variety of ways, much like with natural hair.

Durability: If implanted hair is taken care of appropriately, it can last a long time and still look good. 1. Cost-Effective: Wig-wearing dolls are usually less expensive than hair implants.

Fast Changes: Would you want a different look by changing the color or hairstyle? With a wig, you can quickly and simply modify the doll’s appearance in a matter of seconds.

Maintenance Ease: Less maintenance is required than for hair implants. They can be taken out for replacement, style, or cleaning.


Cost: The cost of implanted hair varies depending on the manufacturer and is always a significant additional expense.

Maintenance: Compared to a wig, implanted hair needs more attention and upkeep. When you need to wash your hair, you have to take care of your scalp and hair by taking the head off of your body.

Non-reversible: It might be challenging to modify the shade or style of hair as soon as it has been implanted.

 Less sensible: Implanted hair may additionally offer a higher degree of realism than wigs. Natural-searching hair can seem more herbal than even the best wigs.

Fit and Comfort: Having to continuously modify wigs to keep them in place should get rid of the whole enjoyment.

Quality Variations: Wigs of lower high quality may want to go away stains on the head and now not appear as actual or last up to wigs of higher grade.

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