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Comparing Silicone Sex Dolls’ Hard and Soft Silicone Head Varieties


The market has seen a significant shock in success for silicone sex dolls due to the manufacturers’ consistent innovation and awesome designs. These advancements has proven to decorate the overall experience by means of fulfilling the developing needs of doll fanatics globally. The smooth silicone ; upgrade’s introduction is a seen and welcome advancement on this enterprise . To ensure that readers fully understand the differences between “Soft silicone head” and “Hard silicone head,” as well as how each enhances the owners experience.

First, let’s begin by comparing  the Hard and Soft silicone heads on the Zelex Doll.

Hard Silicone Head: Durability and human like look combine

Hard silicone heads have been the standard choice for silicone sex dolls and offer a number of advantages which includes:

Increased Durability: Your doll will live longer as a result of  the strong silicone heads that are long lasting and keep their shape well without any form of tear.

More Detailed: the sex doll  Faces have more realistic characteristics because of the robust silicone’s capacity to retain minute details.

Implanted Features: It is highly recommended to have an awesome and incredibly lifelike hard silicone head with hair and eyebrow implants. As a result of the rigidity of the hard substance, it aids in holding the implanted hair firmly in place. To learn more about Implant Hair, click this link.

Accepting realistic communication with silicone heads

In reaction to consumer demands for a more hyper realistic experience, most doll brands and manufacturers have recently begun to make available soft silicone heads:

Human-like Feel: The softer silicone heads give  the feel and touch of a human being.

Oral Function: Unlike TPE dolls, soft silicone heads can offer an oral function such as blowjob which was unattainable by traditional silicone dolls. This function increases the range of personal experiences that the doll can relate to and give its user awesome experiences and memories.

Affixed Aspects: Because of the fear of hair loss, most doll manufacturers who sell smooth silicone heads prohibit hair implantation on these heads. However, a number of manufacturing brands such as Starpery and SY Doll now make provision to have soft silicone heads with hair implanted in them, The list of some business brands  that offer “Soft Silicone Head” are as follows:Irontech, Jiusheng, QQ Dolls, Angelkiss, Cosdoll, SY Doll, ElsaBabe, Gamelady, Zelex, Starpery, and more

P.S.: Some doll manufacturers might charge more for it.

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Which Silicone Head to Choose: Soft or Hard?

Which silicone head is favored in the end between a soft or firm head will depend on personal preference and the required level of realism. It’s crucial to constantly do not forget that due to the fact soft heads are extra liable to breaking, they may require extra renovation and proper care even though they provide a extra practical and oral function. Hard heads, then again, won’t provide as a lot touch despite the fact that they’re longer lasting and preserve implanted characteristics higher than tender heads.

When selecting the silicone heads, deliver the following a few extreme idea:

  1. Would you be inquisitive about oral intercourse with a doll?
  2. Are hair implants your choice?
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