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Which Is The Better Between Painting And Implant Eyebrow?


As a result of the growing market for sex dolls and how famous they have become, owners of human-like sex dolls have so many options to select from as it concerns the doll’s accessories, ranging from the type of vagina, the size of boobs, hair types (either implanted or wig), and the type of materials used to make the dolls. In this article, we can cover the diverse sorts of available eyebrows. Most sex doll heads are crafted from either tough or soft silicone and, in a few instances, TPE. To offer a pleasing effect, we suggest that our clients go for a difficult silicone head to have eyebrows that are implanted. If deciding to go for eyebrows that have provision for painting, you could pick out TPe or tender silicone heads.


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If you want to enhance and make numerous changes to your sex doll, then the quality option to move for are dolls that have provisions for implanting and portraying eyebrows, although they will fluctuate in a few cases.

Painted-eyebrow or implanted-eyebrow
What does the manner of implanting eyebrows entail?

The method of implanting hair on a human, like sex doll brows, be it transient or everlasting, may be known as eyebrow implants. This approach has proven to offer long-lasting and seen results. It is a perfect choice for clients who choose to see their intercourse dolls carrying makeup, especially on difficult silicone heads.

To gain the ideal implantation of eyebrows to last for a long term, the eyebrows need to have a hint of silicone aid on the feel of the top, which may be hard. Therefore, deciding on a hard silicone brow implant is the ideal decision.



Painting of brows

Painting of your intercourse doll’s brows is doable with the aid of utilizing cosmetics that encompass pencils for eyebrows or powder to create eyebrows on the affection dolls through illusions. It allows you to flexibly personalize your doll’s brows to special or personal shapes and hues. Be aware that the paint can be removed at any given time with the help of what is known as a make-up cleaner. You can continually make your sex doll up at any given time

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When it comes to implantation, we do not consider soft silicone heads or TPE heads as an option; instead, an accessible way of drawing eyebrows can be done to prevent your implanted eyebrows from wearing off or looking unpleasant, which may end up giving your doll an ugly appearance.

The major difference between the two available options is longevity. If you want a temporary solution, you can go for painted eyebrows that are removable at any time or redone, but if you want permanent brows, then the best option is to select eyebrow implants. For clients who prefer a human-like look or for others who want a natural look for their dolls, they can always select the implanted eyebrows. If you prefer to explore different colors and shapes of brows on your sex dolls, then you can select the painted eyebrows.



Be informed that sex dolls that have implanted hairs and eyebrows are limited to certain sexual activities, such as oral sex or trying to open their mouth. Although several brands, like the Zelex dolls, have made provisions for an extra head for free, which allows you to select a hard or soft head,

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