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What Is Your Knowledge Of The Sex Doll Skeleton?


One distinguishing feature of a sex doll skeleton is its construction from steel or composite metal, which is achieved through sophisticated technology involved and handles by several expert and manufacturers, among other things, it also involves a complete mechanical processing and also a  flexible skeletal joints.

Skeleton Synopsis

The wide variety of love dolls that are currently on the market is easily apparent, and their prices range from three to five thousand dollars to as much as ten to twenty thousand dollars depending on the brands or model available at that given period. Among other things, pricing is influenced by the materials and process technologies used in the manufacturing of silicone dolls and TPE.

 Silicone and bones are the two main parts of silicone sex dolls; composite or steel metal is typically used to make the skeleton. Depending on the material, several production processes, such as complete mechanical processing and flexible skeleton joints, are employed to create the dolls.


The makeup of the skeleton

When utilized in a real human like sex doll, a lightweight alloy skeleton is more durable if properly maintained, less likely to break, relatively heavy, lightweight, and extremely tough. This meets the needs of the doll in terms of usability and durability.

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Bones in Joints

The authentic silicone doll’s joint range of motion can match 85–90% of human’s thanks to its innovative ball joint structure and integrated, freely movable, alloy skeleton. This allows for more freedom in the doll’s motions and allows you to position it in a variety of enjoyable sexual positions, such as kneeling, rear entry, and ride position depending on your preference.

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Technology of Skeletons Production

In addition to joint mobility technology, the silicone sex doll skeleton is manufactured using advanced automated production technologies. Because of the advanced, trustworthy, and reliable manufacturing processes and product design, it can be produced in large quantities based on current market demand. Balanced production, shorter production cycles, lower manufacturing costs, and consistent and improved product quality are all assured. High-tech technology is used by sex doll companies, such as WM Doll, YL Doll, Starpery Doll, Zelex Doll, and SE Doll, to provide premium goods for doll lovers.

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