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The History Of The Sex Doll


Sex dolls are the main base of today’s erotic market. What, then, is its magic? How much understanding do you have about these physical dolls?

Today we will help you understand the lives of sex dolls—both past and present.

What is a love doll?

A love doll, as the name implies, is a sex doll made out of TPE and silicone materials, which usually come in a one-to-one life-size ratio and have a solid body inside.

The past life of a love doll—inflatable dolls

The love dolls can be traced back to their predecessors, the inflatable dolls. There is still a debate on the origin of the inflatable doll; however, the dominant theory is that the inflatable doll was first developed during the Second World War in 1939. The war was mostly a men’s affair, with large numbers of young, strong boys. To address the needs of the soldiers and to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, the German Fuhrer particularly requested the development of a doll that would have the physiology of the female body.

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Since the 1950s, we have had similar dolls sold in Germany; however, the dolls were commercialized in Japan.

The first dolls were made out of vinyl and rubber. The skin of the doll’s body was made of hard plastic, and the doll had a rough, round shape. The doll was just a rough stimulation of the human body structure. The dolls needed to be inflated before use, and they cracked or leaked after multiple users. The image of the dolls was quite difficult to describe; it required strong imagination. The dolls were made of materials that contained a large amount of carcinogenic compounds like vinyl chloride, which are now extensively available on the market.


By the end of 1980, latex dolls were already available. They had more realistic eyes and feet and slightly textured hair. The latex dolls were still very much less realistic in shape and feel, but they were better than vinyl dolls, so there was no need to worry about air leakage either.

In the early 1990s, combination dolls were gradually dominating the market. They have molded limbs and torsos, and they also can pose in a few positions. The torso could, however, not be bent.

The present-day sex doll

In the late 1990s, more realistic dolls began to enter the market as a result of developments in medical materials, advancements in the production process, and the growth of market spaces. To get more realistic dolls, manufacturing companies started out using scientific gentle silicone and PVC substances later superior to medical TPE materials. The dolls had a more sensible hair transplant in comparison to the previous fashions. The doll’s extent and average size had a more realistic sense. The new intercourse dolls also are constructed with a steel skeleton, which gives the doll a greater realistic look.

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This integrated metal skeleton gave the doll’s joints extra flexibility; it enabled the dolls to pose and circulate extra. The breakup shape made cleaning the doll more convenient. The characteristic of the dolls has now extended from being just an inflatable doll to posing for cameras, cosplay, and frame props.

Currently, the primary sales market and bodily doll producers are commonly placed in Japan, Europe, the United States, and different regions. China’s physical doll industry has for the reason that remaining century concentrated on overseas doll organizations’ OEMs. OEMs for dolls within the United States and Europe have begun growing and producing their dolls.

With the emergence of DSDOLL, WMDOLLS, and other countrywide brands of entity dolls in the twenty-first century, many entity doll manufacturers have now extended their research and improvement fields. After the preliminary imitation of existence by preceding dolls, many entities now probe themselves to be better. The pores and skin, frame proportions, and substances used are consistent with modern aesthetics. The Chinese entity dolls are now more in line with the aesthetics of the current market. Subsequent trends have proved that this adventure is a fulfillment.

Looking for the destiny of sex dolls

The era has long  passed when our activities were centered just around “…”communicate approximately intercourse”. The recent development of the social economy has precipitated an alternate in the mindset of humans. We are now coming into a new technology where we have a rise in market space and a continuous upgrade of medical substances. Sex dolls have reached the age of being close to real humans. As a result of the special characteristic additions just like the 37-diploma thermostat for the human body and pronunciation on the touch of an actual person, many intercourse dolls, which have been superbly crafted with the aid of their manufacturers, are now being labeled as artwork collectibles.

With the emergence of recent generations of merchandise, SnDoll will continue to offer our clients with better services and products.

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