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With the rise of doll fans all over the globe, sex dolls have grown famous and more popular. If you decide to obtain a sex doll, be informed that there are normally two available options when buying a BBW sex doll from sndoll, which includes pre-order and in-stock.

Pre-order dolls usually take about a few weeks, and in some cases, months, before they can be delivered because they are made-to-order. What this means is that they are uniquely made to your specifications. while, on the other hand, dolls that are in stock have already been produced and are awaiting immediate shipment. In-stock sex dolls are always the best choice to make, especially for people who wish to receive their new doll in a short time, probably in a few days.

We have been able to gather the essential information you should know before you make payments for an in-stock doll:

waifu sex doll 6t2w6How to Obtain Your Doll Quicker

The advantage of buying an in-stock doll is that it comes with so many benefits, the major one being that it can be delivered in a quicker and faster way compared to a pre-order doll. You don’t need to wait forever for the production process to be completed. If you want your love doll as soon as possible, in-stock sex dolls or sex doll torsos in your neighborhood warehouse can do the magic, and in 3–7 workdays after your order has been received, you’ll be smiling at your doll.

There is no need for any specialized customization.

The available dolls that are now in stock are pre-made which means you don’t have to be concerned or worried about customization as it’s all taken care of. While wigs and various heads are available for purchase from some top brands like WM Doll and YL Doll, be informed that heads cannot be personalized. If you are still thinking about the special features you want your doll to attain, this can be a fantastic option. Sometimes, many clients may find the abundance of personalization options offered for pre-order dolls to be amazing. Dolls that are now available give room for a more easy choice that nevertheless yields the same degree of sexual satisfaction.

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Reduced Price

Pre-order dolls have proven to be more expensive than in-stock dolls. This is a result of the specialized production process, but in stock dolls, there are no fees or expenditures for personalization. If you’re on a tight budget yet still desire to feel the thrill of having a sex doll, in-stock dolls are an excellent choice.

US and EU SnDoll Warehouse

You can always place an order for sex dolls, which are always available in the US and EU (Germany, France, and Spain) at Please note that dolls that are in stock in the US warehouse can only be shipped to US clients, while dolls that are in stock in the EU can be transported to the majority of European nations. You can always expect your sex doll in about three to seven workdays.

USA Warehouse

Europe Warehouse

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