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15 Reasons Why Men Choose Sex Dolls Over Women


The idea of a sex doll was seen as taboo back in the day. Many do not talk about it due to the stigmatization that comes with it. The popularity has, however, increased over the years and is now widely spoken of. Recently, researchers have found out that men engage in sexual activities more with their sexual dolls than real-life women. That means men prefer making love with a sex doll rather than a real woman.

Why, then, do men like sex dolls? Why would they rather spend thousands of dollars to get a Silicone doll instead of going after real women?

The quoted messages below are from men who explain their reasons for buying love dolls.

“On the majority of weekends, I engage in working on race cars and I get really busy during race seasons. Most of the women I went out and got angry because of my busy schedule. I became so bored tired of being single, and I do not want to deal with all the head games real women bring”.

“No matter how hard I think about it, it seems to me that the entire dating/marriage concept is now a death trap for men. No matter how you try to play it, women always hold all of the cards. and use them against you at one point or another. Dolls are a great alternative; they meet my needs well enough for the arrangements to be sustainable”.

“My social life is zero. I am awake at night and sleep throughout the morning until noon. I eat, do a little bit of workout, shower, and then head back to work and I do not in any way have an extra time to commit or search  for a relationship. I tried online dating too, to no avail. I have had trust issues due to really bad experiences from women. Now, I am settling for a doll”.

“I am walking home to find an empty house after a very hectic and long day at my organization. though With my dolls, though I know the house is still empty, all I have to do is see my smiling doll in the corner, and I am assured that everything is going to be okay. It does not feel empty at all with my doll here”.

“I have been in search for a partner, a lady  that wants me to hug her  into sleep and not feel lonely while I played my computer games. I have bought the elf model, and she is the cutest”.

“I craved for a romantic partner with less fat and have the capacity to cope with my disability. I got a lot of rejections, and I was tired. So after years of trying and getting rejected, I decided to just get a doll”.

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Now that we have dealt with the basic and amazing benefits of owning a love doll, Let us dive deeper to know the 15 reasons why I love dolls, which are way better than actual women.

These reasons include:
1. Alimony is not required with sex dolls.

Alimony refers to a court-mandated allowance given to a former spouse after divorce. This is common in modern-day society. A man is legally responsible for taking care of his partner during the relationship and when they are divorced or separated, especially when They have children together. It can be very frustrating to them, especially when he is the type that prefers to stay polygamous instead of paying a large amount as alimony. Sex dolls are the best alternative when you do not want to deal with putting out a large sum of money. money to take care of the partner you have separated from. The only kind of alimony is a sex doll. requires from you is frequent cleaning and proper storage before and after use. You do not even have to worry about polygamy or alimony. It is very affordable to take care of sex dolls. compared to paying a huge sum of money on alimony. This is why sex dolls will always be the preferred choice, as they are very affordable to maintain.

2. There’s no such thing as “sperm theft” in the context of sex dolls.

Sperm theft can come in different scenarios. It could be a situation whereby a woman steals a used condom after use, when the man is not aware or due to his carelessness. The used A condom can be used as evidence in court in cases of cheating, for good gene storage during child support tests, and so on. The second scenario is when a woman gets pregnant after having sex, and the man assumed was protected. This could be seen as a breach of contract or even fraud. However, with sex, all these scenarios can be avoided. You can clean the doll immediately. after sex with running water through the open orifices to wash off the semen. Although this does not cancel out the possibility of sperm theft; it greatly reduces the possibility. The most The important thing is to make sure you wash out your doll properly immediately after sex. Sperm Theft is a big deal and is punishable by law in a court of law. But with sex dolls, this can be curbed, this is a good reason to get your doll today. Just head over to the store and grab one. that attracts you and gives you all the pleasure you have been dreaming of.

3. No worries about child support.

As explained by family law, child support is the periodic payment made by parents towards the benefits of your child, caregiver, or guardian after a divorce or separation. The obliged is paid. either directly or indirectly by the obligor to support a child or children financially from a terminated relationship. The payment is made to either the guardian, the caregiver, or the state. Sex dolls cannot get pregnant since they are not humans, so you can have sex with your doll for as long as you desire and as many times as you want. There’s no possibility of pregnancy when it comes to sex dolls, so you do not need to think of the consequences that come with the possibility. Research has shown that in 2015, non-Custodial parents paid more than 33 billion dollars for child support. A sex doll will not allow you to go through all of that. Compared to the cost you will have to pay for child support, a doll is quite affordable, and course with no drama.

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4. There is no possibility of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Diseases passed from one person to another through sexual or genital contact are known as Sexually transmitted diseases. Most STDs affect both male and female genders; however, the Health effects can be more severe in females. STDs are primarily caused by viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Some antibiotics can treat infections that are caused by bacteria and parasites, but The ones caused by viruses are difficult to treat. Using condoms is a great way to avoid STDs. However, it does not eliminate the possibility of contraction. Some drugs help with the symptoms and keep the effect under control; however, viruses can be deadly. With sex dolls, you do not even have to bother about STDs. Your dolls come to you as virgins. untouched until the day you buy it. Sex dolls eliminate the possible risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. You can also be sure that you are the only partner in the relationship as long as no one is sharing your doll with you. You are certain that your love doll cannot have sex with someone else outside and pass it on to you, which is why love dolls are the best. The more reasons why you should get one for yourself now,

5. Sex dolls are 100 percent faithful partners.

The violation of a couple’s mutually agreed-upon contract, as regards emotional and sexual exclusivity, is known as infidelity. When we hear infidelity, the first thing that comes to mind is sex; however, Many other forms of betrayal can occur in relationships that do not involve sex. Researchers found out that more than 60% of married couples engage in one form of infidelity at some point in their marriage. We have been able to gather over a hundred and one impacting  factors to that, and many people end up cheating, either physically or emotionally. Emotional cheating is as awful as Physical cheating is When there is infidelity from both parties, the pain is inevitable. Sex dolls are reliable, faithful, and committed partners. Theres no cause for alarm. sleeping around. Sex dolls are completely committed and loyal to you, unlike women. The doll is yours, and only you can decide when you want to part ways with it. you are the main character in the relationship.

6. Sex dolls do not have a high maintenance requirement.

Unlike women, sex dolls do not require expensive treats, dates, spa treatments, and so on. Apart From your initial cost of purchasing the doll, the overall maintenance cost is affordable. The doll only requires proper and regular cleaning as well as good storage. Dolls lack human emotions, thus they do not get sick or depressed like women. It can serve as a major reason adding up to the global appreciation coupled with a rise in the popularity of these goddess dolls. The doll does not require expensive treats that women fancy. All you need are a few nice outfits. for your doll, regular cleaning, good storage, and that’s all. Isn’t that exciting? This is definitely a great reason why sex dolls are better than real women.

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7. Her price tag is on the box.

When it comes to sex dolls, the only cost that you will incur is the purchasing cost. Apart from There’s no additional cost. It will only require good maintenance, which includes proper cleaning and good storage before and after use. Compared to women who require frequent maintenance, hair treatment, manicures and pedicures, date nights, and many of the expensive lifestyles, sex dolls are better than women. Intercourse  dolls do not bother about a VIP treatment or lavish living. Amazing right? Cop yours today.

8. Sex dolls do not whine for attention.

Women are willing to stoop to any level and do unthinkable things to get the attention of men. They compete with their fellow genders with their bodies as a vital tool to get attention. Sex dolls are not like that. The dolls are quiet, calm, and composed every time. Regardless of what is going on, they can keep their cool. They do not have to compete with their fellow dolls for attention by doing unthinkable things. Sex dolls depend on the design and expertise of the manufacturers and what the market wants. After a doll has been assembled, there’s nothing that can be done to change its look. can, however, change the hair and eye color. Since the doors are not human, they can stay in harmony and peace. Get yours today.

9. Sex dolls will not act like a bitch when you play video games or when you want to Spend time with your friends.

Research has shown that many relationships crumble as a result of men spending more time together. with their friends or spend more time playing games. Sex dolls, on the other hand, will never argue with you over what you decide to do. You have the freedom to enjoy your time on earth  the way you deem fit. Women require attention and can do anything possible to get it; and it has been a major barrier for the man over time. This is why sex dolls will be more preferable to women. They are not affected. by any aspect of your life, your games, or your friends.

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10. Sex dolls are not subjected to the White Knight.

A white knight in the business world is described as an individual or corporation that intends to acquire another company to avert a hostile takeover. In fiction fictional white knight is a hero, savior, or righteous individual. A white knight is someone who unnecessarily defends someone else. However, in the dating world, a white knight is someone who snatches your partner, especially In a time of misunderstanding and tribulations in the relationship. A white knight will try all possible means to pull in your partner, either through lustful conduct, sexual advances or financial favors. Sex dolls are not humans, so they cannot be subjected to such a situation. Your doll will remain yours forever until you decide otherwise.

11. Sex dolls do not have phones to distract them.

A partner who is always on or with their phone is usually a red flag in relationships, especially when it affects the attention given to the other partner. This has caused major disputes among couples in many relationships. Imagine talking to your partner for a minute, only to discover that She was not listening because she was distracted by her phone. Crazy, right?  On a second thought ,intercourse dolls, are not capable to have the intelligence to operate machines like computers. phones and other gadgets, nor can they perform any other form of complex task. Sex dolls are only made to take care of your sexual needs, and they are dedicated to doing so. They also offer you great companionship, commitment, and uninterrupted devotion. This is a good reason to get a sex doll today. You can choose them over women.

12. A sex doll will not test your love or commitment.

Women can do anything to shit-test you all in the name of testing how committed you are. are and how much you love them. Although real situations show the true selves of people, they can, however, turn out to be hurtful and work against either of the partners. Tests like this have caused major disputes in relationships and have caused a large percentage of breakups in marriages.  Sex dolls will not do this to you. They are not humans, and to think. This makes them super amazing. There is no emotional rollercoaster with sex dolls. Sex dolls are amazing and submissive partners.

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13. Sex dolls will not cause a dramatic scene.

Women like to be dramatic, especially when they need to prove a point. They tend to pull out. indecent tricks in public and can go the extra mile, no matter how shaming, to get what they want. disregarding the consequences that might come with it. The acts they pull can sometimes cause lateral damage, property damage, defamation, and emotional damage. According to research, one out of three women in the United States has caused a dramatic scene and acted out of anger at one point in their relationship. Sex dolls cannot and will never cause drama or create a scene in a relationship regardless of the causing factor, these amazing love dolls will never do such a thing. This is an amazing factor and a major reason why sex dolls will be chosen over real women.

14. Sex dolls are not crazy humans.

Women are humans, so they tend to overthink and act crazily in relationships. Women tend to act out of impulse at one point or another. Simple or intentional acts by a partner have caused Major disputes  in relationships and the breakup of many. Women tend to act rashly and irrationally. when it comes to making decisions in their relationships, which can cause serious issues. Sex dolls do not act crazily. They are cool creations free from any form of craziness associated with human. They are calm and can keep their cool, at all times and conditions without limitations. This makes them a better partners than real women.

15. There are no false accusations.

Women tend to make false assumptions because they overthink. Women are usually very vigilant when it comes to their partners and can take every detail seriously, no matter how little. This affects relationships a lot of times. While men are less sensitive and can joke about most things, women are not like that. A joke can cause more harm than good when it comes to dealing with women. Women tend to hold grudges and resentment and can use them against you at any point in time, especially when you least expect it. Sex dolls do not make false accusations since they lack intelligence. They are for your pleasure. give you peace of mind and will not stand up against you in any way. This makes them a better choice than women.

In summary, sex dolls have a lot of benefits that are continuously acknowledged and appreciated by the public. The once-taboo subject of sex dolls is now becoming more mainstream. many talk about and appreciate. Above, we have given detailed explanations of the reasons why sex dolls are incomparably the the best option to go with.

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