Mannequin Doll

What is a mannequin sex doll?

Mannequin sex dolls the epitome of the sex doll industry. Mannequin dolls come with solid bodies (not blown up) and realistic skin, skin that feels almost if not par with that of a real woman. The secret to these feeling sensation is the TPE material that the dolls are made from.

They are fully movable as their skeletons are made of sophisticated steel frames that allow for movement.This allows them to hold many different sexual positions. They come with sexual cavities ie the mouth, the anus and the vagina. This allows these dolls to come filled with lots of fun choices, for people who have different fun spots.

A mannequin sex dolls are much more customizable than an inflatable one. You can choose her wig, her eyes, her skin tone if she has pubic hair or not, and even the color of her toe nails! She also can stand on her own thanks to the amazing skeleton frame.

These amazing mannequin dolls are really a sight to behold. The come in real human like sizes with perfect boobs. Plus, the functioning mouth cavity allows for oral sex in case you just happen to need a blow job.

Mannequin sex dolls are set apart from the rest of the dolls, functional and full of style

At sndoll we have mature and younger mannequin sex dolls with every physical quality you could imagine for sale. These mannequin dolls come at affordable prices. They come packed with a bunch of customizable mods in their production line. With spot on realism and quality assured.

Mannequin doll are love dolls designed to imitate people from the Asian part of the world. Manufacturers and producers of mannequin dolls have infused a sense of cultural diversity into production just to give you something you can relate. This way, you can be home away from home, never forgetting your roots. mannequin living doll is life-size, in the sense that they have been made to have the height and size of a real woman. Therefore, it is very easy to live with them, knowing you have a real woman in your bed at the close of the day.

Made with either silicone or TPE material, life size mannequin dolls are designed to last very long. They also require minimum maintenance measures that do not take your time at all. Easy to clean and store in a cool, dry place, they are always as good as new every time you unpack them. Guess what? They have a ready smile for you every time you set your gaze on them. Really, nothing matches having an mannequin sex doll in your collection. You will be glad you bought one.

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