Full Size Sex Doll

Full Size Sex Dolls are sex dolls that stand the same height as a real human

They are generally taller than 160cm. These dolls resemble and feel like real humans since they are composed of tpe and high-quality silicone. They are exceptional. Their facial characteristics are gorgeous and sexual, lifelike and intriguing, and they brilliantly convey beauty and sensuality. They have distinct breasts and flexible skeletons. You may effortlessly set the full-size sex doll in your preferred sex position and enjoy it fully.

With skin is as smooth as silk, soft and elastic what more would you need to attain real sexual pleasure.

As a leading company in sex dolls, sndoll has more than 3000 full-size sex dolls on offer. These full size sex dolls range from 148cm to 175cm or sometimes even more depending on the customization of the client. We have dolls to fit your different needs whether you are looking for a freshly minted student, a young and beautiful business goddess, a lovely smiling girl next door or a curvaceous and mature lady. Best real dolls can meet your every taste. We have something for everyone.

Full-size sex dolls are more realistic compared to torso dolls. They are also more alluring to the users. Having a lifelike, curvaceous full-body sex doll to quench all your sexual desires is the best therapy you can give yourself.

Choose a full-size sex doll that best suits your taste, dress her up in your favorite outfit, role play with her and let your imagination run wild.

Did you know we also customize dolls to fit people with special needs and eve people with crazy imaginations? Contact us for more information on customization and to give us the idea of what you desire.

Full size sex dolls | Full size love doll | TPE sex dolls

Here at sndoll we keep your interests and needs first. We make sure you get the best life-size dolls in the market at relatively great prices. With realistic height and weight ratios and fully customizable, detailed skin tone, vagina type, body temperature and hairstyle, our full-size sex doll is your closest bet. Our full size love doll will provide you with a sexual experience beyond your craziest fantasy.

Our human sized sex dolls are the best silicone alternatives to get yourself for this season. They come with openings to mimic the female human body like the vagina, mouth and anus.

They can be upgraded and customized with different hair types, genital temperatures and torso shapes to enhance your feelings.

With different types of customization options, our life-size dolls are free and open of any fetishes or fantasies. Our catalogue boasts great celebrity sex dolls that can be used to fulfill your fantasies of being with your celebrity crush.

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