DIY Sex Doll

The diy sex doll is carefully crafted to be as realistic as possible. It is made using genuine tpe material. With the ability to be used as frequent as you wish you can never go wrong with this doll in particular. Making you enjoy those pleasurable moment with this sex doll. This is pleasure at it’s best.

Did you know we now have make up for diy sexdolls? This particular product lets you enjoy taking care of your sex doll in a more personal way. You can enjoy applying make up on the doll to make it suit your sexual fantasies. The make up kit comes with products to remove the make up if you wish to have a more natural looking face on your partner. This DIY sex doll make up come is almost to good to be true. Try it out.

Our range of dolls come in multiple usage designs. Some diy dolls can be used using all the openings like mouth, ass and pussy, while others have some fun limits by having fewer cavities. But with us you always have an option of custom making your doll to fit your needs. You can go as crazy as you like with the customization. Also note our delivery services come in discreet forms and if need be with proper planning with us, the delivery box can be renamed to suit your needs. Give us a call and lets make those moments memorable.

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