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How to Deal with Abandoned Sex Doll

How to Deal with Abandoned Sex Doll

Not every sex doll can stay with you for life. For various reasons, you may discard them. For example, your sex dolls are used for too long that they may lose their makeup, or because of your carelessness, the skin may be damaged or faded. At this time, you must think about dealing with them.

1. Throw in the trash

This is the most intuitive way we can think of. Just like ordinary garbage, the problem is that the height of sex dolls is usually close to that of adults. the general trash can may not be fully accommodated, and you have to consider the embarrassing scene that you holding a sex dolls towards trash, if you are in the suburbs, and there are garbage trucks to clean up the trash regularly, then this is still a very good choice.
If you want, you can also dismember the sex doll before discarding it. This is a horrible way, because this process is just like the perverted murderous behavior in the movie. When you cut off the silicone or TPE material, the doll will reveal the inside Metal skeleton. Don’t be afraid, they are not terminators, they are just a little scary, and then you can pack these garbages, so that it looks more like ordinary household garbage.
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2. For sale on second-hand platforms

If your doll is still not too flawed, it is better to sell it on platforms such as Ebay. The price of sex dolls is not cheap, so remember to clean the sex doll before selling it and take a few more beautiful photos Photos, so you can sell a good price. In addition to Ebay, sex doll forums such as dollforum also provide second-hand doll exclusive services.

3. Send back to the manufacturer

If your doll is purchased locally, and the manufacturer provides recycling services, maybe it is her best destiny to return to the factory to dismantle. She returned to the place where she was born, remember to take a few photos first, because maybe one day you will think of her.
broken sex doll trash
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4 Concerns for Sex Doll Newbie

4 Concerns for Sex Doll Newbie

Before buying a sex doll, many newbies often have a lot of concerns, but for the doll itself, generally these four points: material, feel, weight, price.

Sex Doll Material

There are currently two mainstream body doll materials: silicone and tpe.
Their advantages and disadvantages are obvious. The smell, durability, and makeup of silicone are far more than tpe dolls, but the main problem of silicone is the price.

The price of silicone raw materials is several times higher than tpe, and silicone materials cannot be recycled Use, if the molding fails (bubbles and defects) these raw materials are waste, and can not be reproduced. Of course, this is also the reason why silicone can reach food grade materials.
The softness of tpe is generally higher than that of silicone, the cost is lower, and the secondary hot melt can be recycled, so the price of TPE sex dolls on the market is generally cheaper.

Sex doll feel

The general view on the market is that silicone material is harder than tpe, but why women use silicone instead of tpe when doing breast augmentation surgery, because the hardness is also related to the manufacturer’s settings. Some manufacturers focus on appearance, so silicone is harder, which can make makeup last longer.
The softness of tpe is related to how much oil is added, so the common problem of particularly soft tpe is oil, which requires constant cleaning and powdering.
So if you don’t consider the price factor, using the best silicone material can not only ensure the makeup and three-dimensional sense, but also have a good feel.

Advantages of sex dolls

The attraction of a sex doll is that it has the same appearance as a real person. In life, you may not find such a perfect girlfriend. She has full breasts, abdomen and thighs without excess fat, and looks the same as a model. At the same time, she is also a very good tool to exercise sexual skills, she will not complain like your girlfriend. Many people find friends just out of desire for sex, and sex dolls can solve this problem well, and then you can spend more time on your work or dreams.

Sex Doll Weight

The first feeling that many users buy home is that the current doll is too heavy, and it sweats out of the box. The skeleton of the doll must be very tight because of the weight, otherwise it cannot be shaped.
Why this shortcoming has not been solved, is there really no way to lower the weight of the doll?
The main reason is that large factories are reluctant to do it, and small factories cannot afford it. Investing in R & D and establishing a new production line is inherently risky. Large companies need to operate steadily, and new products will hit the original high-margin commodities. What’s more, current workers are already familiar with existing processes. Therefore, mainstream manufacturers will not care about the pain of weight.
In fact, innovation is very difficult. It is necessary to coordinate various resources, find all kinds of talents, and bear the risk of breaking the capital chain. The market is cruel, and only truly valuable products can survive. For innovation, you have only 1% chance of success. Therefore, rational and rational manufacturers will not go this way.

Sex Doll Price

The overall price of dolls currently on the market is on the high side. This is mainly based on production costs and transportation costs. In the process of making dolls, a lot of raw materials are used, and the makeup process is also involved. Not all steps can be completed by machines. In addition, the weight of dolls is generally over 10kg, which makes the transportation cost not low.
Good things must be expensive, but the price cannot exceed the value, because the doll is not a luxury product, too low prices and too high prices will kill this industry.

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